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    @Russkiy Zakonnik Grand Theft Auto V illegal content (torrent files for example), not ReShade or mods related.

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    @TheBicycleMaster Please reply back to Biggdogg once the changelog is added to the description.

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    @Russkiy Zakonnik Hello. I hope you don't mind but we had to apply changes to this upload which include:

    1.- Title edits. It was misleading before. Note that we do apply the same criteria to other uploads like vehicle liveries, etc if required/necessary.
    2.- Fixed some description HTML tags being not correctly used. Before, the whole description text was being bolded because you forgot to use the "/" character in the closing tags. (Example of good usage: <b>bold text here</b>)
    3.- Removed the Discord server link from the description. We had to do this since illegal content of Grand Theft Auto V have been shared there and we don't want to have any vinculation with it (directly or indirectly).

    Notice that the first change shouldn't be restored to its previous status. The third change is subject to moderation revision if the illegal content gets removed from the discord server first.

    Thank you for understanding.

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    @Allianz_YT Hello. I've removed 2 of the 3 tags you put in this upload. Please make sure to do a correct usage of the tags system the next time.

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    Kommentaren har stiftas


    Looks like the author of this mod is not updating it anymore since 2019 on 5Mods. Due to that and to avoid having an specific user posting malicious versions (our system can't check them) of this mod here we've closed the comments section of this upload.

    WARNING: DON'T TRUST any other Menyoo links provided by random users anywhere. We can't verify if they do contain virus or are malicious because they're not being checked by our system and also is forbidden to redistribute the mod without the original author explicit permission (which was not given to anyone).

    Finally, if you're looking for trusted, virus-scanned and updated trainers for your game please check the following ones. We strongly recommend using them:
    - Simple Trainer by sjaak327 ->
    - Enhanced Native Trainer by Zemanez ->

    If someone shares unauthorized versions of Menyoo anywhere on this site, please use the REPORT function in the comment/s that contain such versions and we will take care of them.

    Thank you and happy modding!

    8 dagar sen
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    @Mikeyboy2004 I'll unban you with 2 conditions:
    - Both of your secondary accounts (the one you're using now and the other one which I did ban today) will remain banned (multiple accounts are forbidden on this site so that's why).
    - You'll comply with what you've said in your last message here for real.

    If you agree... reply to this comment.

    23 juli 2021
  • 61072b wallhaven l3wrvy   copia

    @GTA Extra VI What's new in the 1.1 version? Put a changelog in the description and reply back to me when done.

    23 juli 2021
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    @Fady66 @mikeyboy242424 Don't be rude. No one has been with you and still is mandatory to be respectful with each other.
    There's people who already do have a gameconfig for the newest game version (don't ask because is not mine and I can't share it) that works just fine and does not crash our games, even after hours of play. Just a clarification: A working gameconfig is not a life saviour. You guys also need to use mods that have been strictly tested, optimized and work fine with your other installed mods. If that does not happen, there's no gameconfig that will save you from crashes, despawning textures, unstability issues, etc.

    22 juli 2021
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    @Lozano71 Is not a provocation for us. I didn't even know there was an interests conflict between China and Taiwan until yesterday. I don't know where do you get that conclusion from but doesn't matter, forget it.

    19 juli 2021
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    @Wenhelxing Kinda but still is fictional. Mods are not meant to be taken seriously but to have fun. I've removed the screenshot just in case though.

    18 juli 2021