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    @AndreyevOkonievsky Have fun waiting... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    8 timmar sedan
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    @AndreyevOkonievsky No. You don't understand the meaning of "provide constructive feedback".
    - If you're going to rate a mod with less than 5 stars is because there's something you don't liked about it or you are 100% sure and can prove that the mod needs improvements, so you need to provide constructive feedback when rating.
    - If you're going to rate a mod with 5 stars, is obvious that you liked it and probably how it works, so there's no need to provide constructive feedback (but you can do it anyway).

    The difference is in the fact that you should have constructive feedback or a valid reason to rate a mod with less than 5 stars, otherwise why would you rate it at all? For nothing?

    I don't know if you understand what I mean, but that's how the rules are.

    10 timmar sedan
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    @AndreyevOkonievsky "the mod is kinda stupid, also not much work, sorry m8" Is not constructive feedback to rate it with 0.5 stars.
    - "the mod is kinda stupid" -> That's only your opinion, which is not a valid reason to rate a mod.
    - "also not much work" -> The mod does its job? Then the work he did is enough. That's another invalid reason to rate a mod.

    Instead of providing useless comments/rating, help the author to improve the mod (if there's something to improve) providing constructive feedback.

    11 timmar sedan
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    @Mazdayasna I've removed all your requests spam comments. Don't do it again or you'll be banned.

    13 timmar sedan
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    @Bomar Asking for help calling us "PENDEJOS" won't get you anything else than a warning for being disrespectful.

    About the mod, I don't recommend using this version anymore because it may be outdated and have problems with the latest game updates. Just wait until the future mod update (is being worked on by Solla) or try with this at your own risk.

    2 dagar sen
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    Kommentaren har stiftas

    By @F5544:
    For everybody who has the interior problem not loading:
    - Advancedhook.dll is the problem. Delete it and it loads the whole interior.

    By @jedijosh920:
    This does not work on pirated games as most don't have the After Hours update installed.

    From me to Jedijosh920:
    Feel free to unpin this comment or ask me to update it if needed. :)

    2 dagar sen
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    @hoanglong I'm not the mod author...

    30 juli 2018
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    @Zemanez Yep seems to be that. I have it disabled now and ENT does not crash anymore when leaving a vehicle.

    29 juli 2018