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    Hello, is there any hope of continuing / updating this modification? :)

    This is, of course, about this possibility and your willingness and time. Are you planning to do it? Regards.

    29 april 2019
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    @Nik The Greek

    Hello, good work. Will you make a .OVI version for the final modification version?

    22 februari 2019
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    Can you upload photos comparing the roads before and after with VisualV?

    15 januari 2019
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    If we look at all the best modifications from this site like VisualV, WOV, DOV, Real California Architecture and many more, all this is created in .OIV or as ADDON DLC, most of them are as ADDON DLC + OIV.

    The best modifications, the best installation.

    Zero mess, no shit, no time wasting and guessing. The installation does not take 10 minutes or more only 1-2 minutes.

    9 september 2018
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    I think the same as you. It is better to install a "big mess" instead of a .OIV which the author of the modification will not do because he can not do it? ... or I do not want to.

    9 september 2018
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    I am looking for a way that vehicles that have radio set turned off by modification / script did not reach random music passing by this vehicle and vice versa, that the vehicle which has set music playback turned on did not make a mistake in the absence of playing music until we do not enter it 100% and we will close the door.

    Despite the fact that not every vehicle would be set to have music switched on or off, it would be more of a random matter, as long as we are not physically in the vehicle, the sounds coming from the interiors of the cars are played against the script.

    I am looking for a way to fix it. Some parameter that will store information in memory that the sound will not be played from a given vehicle, although after entering it you will hear the lack of music and vice versa - when the game does not play music at all, and when entering the vehicle the music starts to play and appears out of nowhere.

    I can not explain it more, watching the two videos to which I gave you links, you should understand what I mean. And do you know the way to fix this or setting ... I have no idea.

    Btw. The modification / script that I use for non-standard radio in vehicles does not come from

    9 september 2018
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    Hello, I am using modifications which cause that not vehicles on the iliac have radio and music off, and not those that have radio and music on. Suppose that this causes a 50/50 random event if the music plays in a vehicle or not.

    By default, in GTA V 100/100% of cases, music and radio play in vehicles that go on the street or are in parking lots and when we enter them.

    By using modifications to make the music and the radio a 50/50 random event I sometimes see and hear when the passing vehicles are playing the sound of music and radio. When I enter the vehicle, the music and the radio are muted.

    Do you have any idea how to check and find a way to all cars that have music and radio = OFF to not hear any music or radio when they cross the street with open windows or with an open roof.

    Btw. Sometimes you can even hear music from vehicles even though the roof and windows are closed.

    Video: Watch from 1:50 minutes.

    This video does not show this problem. But it happens in the game sometimes that the vehicle theoretically in which you hear the music and enter it, I am silenced even though the game signaled earlier playing music and vice versa when no sound came from the vehicle, and after the music begins to be heard.

    You can see this problem a little in this video:

    9 september 2018
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    Hello, I'm currently working on a small update to v1.2. Regards ;)

    25 augusti 2018
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    Please, here is the carcols.ymt file updated to the latest patch of "After Hours" GTA V taking into account the content in your older file. Regards :)

    25 augusti 2018
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    Hello, I've connected myself to World Of Variety 5.1 + patch. Can I ask for confirmation that my assembly.xml file is correct? Regards.

    21 augusti 2018