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    @xxAbood97 That's Menyoo itself, you'll either have to restart the game or use another trainer to change to a MP Freemode model w/o crashing

    I'm also seeing the lowr's not going past 003 slots unfortunately, otherwise I absolutely love this mod.

    24 april 2021
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    This is by far one of the best mods to have come out, thanks a ton @HeySlickThatsMe ! Hoping you do raise the limit from 200 to something even higher I'm already reaching about 184 now~

    26 augusti 2020
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    @HeySlickThatsMe yup same here, changing into any model Menyoo crashes in-game. Hoping for Menyoo to update or another trainer to incorporate a character editor that is in-depth like Menyoo and this addon will be golden with it.

    20 augusti 2020
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    Latest GTA update throws an scripthook error (with latest 2060 scripthook) whenever I try to change my character in SP to the MP Freemode model.

    19 augusti 2020
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    Wonderful trainer! Love the way it looks ingame and the options it currently contains. Would love the full MP Freemode altering of the parents, skin, shape, etc. Even better if you could use all the outfit xml's from Menyoo I have made so many outfits with that trainer it's going to be a pain to recreate 100's of characters but just need those previous options to stick to this trainer if it ever happens.

    Also I wasn't sure as I couldn't figure it out, how do I change textures/colors of clothing equipped on the MP Freemode model?

    18 augusti 2020
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    The install directions in the readme appears to be incorrect, you have to install the files for single player here:

    13 januari 2020