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  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    @SeBoy understood! I'm sure you'll manage to achieve your original plan one day.

    6 december 2023
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    Tried it out but I guess I misread what it does. I was expecting it to be a high beam flash whether or not you have lights enabled or not, just like how it would work in real life. Could this be implemented as a feature/toggleable option in the .ini file?

    6 december 2023
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    @Korangar in that case that seems like I guaranteed way to get banned and is not even allowed here. Plus this is a singleplayer mod which won't work in online. It's not "personal use" when you play a public game with a public account.

    6 december 2023
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    @Korangar modding in singleplayer including adding money or anything is not going to get you banned. This trainer has the option to add money.

    6 december 2023
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    Not sure if it's intentional or not, but changing key modifiers such as TeleportKey, WorldKey and OtheyKey to 0 will make keybindings connected to these buttons work without pressing the modifier rather than completely disabling them.

    By the way - is there a keybinding for toggling HUD on/off - I couldn't manage to find it; it seems like a rather useful thing to have.

    3 december 2023
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    I'm having an issue where whenever I press ALT+W or any other car spawn combo, a Turismo R spawns, even though I have disabled these keybinds in the configuration file. I even tried changing them to other keys, but it's still happening. Any ideas?

    17 april 2022
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    Can you please add a keybind for opening/closing ALL of the vehicle doors?

    Rght now there's only for the driver and passenger door which is already something you can do without a trainer, but the trunk and hood are much more useful and inaccessible without a trainer.

    Rather than accessing the menu every time you need to open these, why not simply make a keybind, for example the button K as a main button, then K+1 would be open/close trunk, K+2 for hood, etc - we don't need separate open and close buttons - a toggle one is better.


    30 april 2019
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    @sjaak327 - I see, thanks for the response. I'm a developer for another game myself and I understand what it means to remake the entire system you're using. However, I always get to a point when I decide to actually rewrite the entire thing, so if in some faraway or nearby future you get that urge, remember my suggestion. :D

    13 februari 2018
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    Woulnd't it be much easier and convinient to remake the entire "system" you use for slots in the .ini file? I'm not a GTA coder, so I don't know if it's possible, but hear me out. Instead of having reserved slots for teleports, animations, vehicles, etc, can you make it so the slots are dynamically added according to the number of lines written in the file. What I mean is, instead of doing this:

    MenuDescription=Save House Michael
    Secondary Street Name=Alta St
    MenuDescription=Save House Franklin
    Secondary Street Name=Davis Ave
    MenuDescription=Save House Franklin 2
    Secondary Street Name=Olympic Fwy

    You can simply do this:

    ////Syntax: "Description" "Street name" "X" "Y" "Z"////
    "Save House Michael" "Alta St" "-802.311" "175.056" "72.8446"
    "Save House Franklin" "Davis Ave" "-9.96562" "-1438.54" "31.1015"
    "Save House Franklin 2" "Olympic Fwy" "0.916756" "528.485" "174.628"

    Doing this, the mod will automatically recognize and store the teleport points with their name, description and coordinates. Then, when the teleport menu is opened, it will display only the 3 teleport locations added instead of all slots even if they're not used.

    This is definitely needed for the added vehicles menu. I like the new system that automatically detects and adds them, but it wont't work properly every time because not everyone makes their mods properly. Right now I have some vehicles with wrong names, some using their default GTA names and some are even added multiple times. The configuration below is much nicer and it's definitely bug-proof:

    [Added Vehicles]
    ////Syntax: "Display name" "Model name"
    "Toyota Supra" "supra"
    "Porsche 911" "911gts"
    "Dodge Viper" "viper"

    The same goes for the other features that use slots like this. You can even move them in a separate file so it wouldn't require editing the .ini file manually every time an update is released. What I would do is create a folder named SimpleTrainer and have multiple files inside:

    - trainerv.ini (main settings)
    - animations.ini (animation slots)
    - vehicles.ini (added vehicles & color slots)
    - binds.ini (key bindings)

    Doing this, people will be able to safely and much easily update the mod when a new update is released, because it's most likely that the update will include changes only to the trainerv.ini file, so the other files will remain unchanged.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

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    12 februari 2018
  • Fb915e moonlight ninja (original)

    @sjaak327 Ah, I see. Switched it back to Y and it works now, thanks.

    6 februari 2018