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  • Gtao47

    @JohnFromGWN hey dont ruin other people mood now, if you wonder the reason almost every modders which upload their mods for free in website like this write forbid this forbid that in description,

    its because we sick of other people reuploading our mods and claiming its their works (or worse, sell it as modpacks or whatever). or because some other modders taking textures like liveries (which sometimes its hard to create) for their own mods and claiming its their own self created liveries

    now, you have the rights to think that every modder who converting mods from other games dont actually have the rights to do this, BUT, please dont ruin their moods by posting comment like that. i know many modders who stopped modding or stopped uploading their mods for free for the reason like this

    you might realize that many nice mods are now locked behind paywall like patreon and such, right? now if you want to go complaint to those guys, go on. but dont complain to the one uploading for free. keep those opinion to yourself

    REMEMBER, we do mods not because we get paid. but because we like to do it and we helped people who cant create / convert / edit or whatever by sharing these mods for free for everyone to enjoy

    *just for your information, Zenimo is a friend of mine and he SPEND MONEY to go to internet cafe to do these mods

    25 juli 2022
  • Gtao47

    @Andrezz15 there is none, because there is no free 3d model available for that bike

    except if you can buy this 3d model, then me and Zenimo will convert it :

    13 juli 2022
  • Gtao47

    @Zen-Imogen that is literally your own bike, man hahaha

    21 juni 2022
  • Gtao47

    @Miss Nobody R15 V4 3d model isnt available yet, Yamaha Europe didnt sell R15 / R125 V4. and me & zen imogen use models from Yamaha Europe App

    17 juni 2022
  • Gtao47
  • Gtao47