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  • C8cc77 project1.13
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Pursuit Thanks for the clear up. But what about scripts and such? I am looking for a tool for years now to organize any kind of mods by a tool which doesn't seems to exists yet in the way i need. For ex. created a profile "LSPDFR" and then i select all rpf mods and script files that i want to use in this scenario, with a custom location where the files get moved to. And then i create for ex. a profile "LSPDFR + LC" or something with specific scripts. I don't wanna remod all of my game by just moving files out to get a profile generated (I am a bit scared of your automaic mode profile delete warning message). I also want to be able to have the same script files used for different profiles.

    I think its possible to do it in a userfriendly way. My suggestion would be then a manual/extended option which disables the automatic generation and let me choose the files step by step. For ex. the software could ask me for RPF files to choose from to create a profile, and then it ask me what scripts i wanna use (Open folder dialog with file selection or checkbox system). And then with this manual option, my Backupfiles and such won't get touched. And to make it fully a replace like an seperated game folder install, there should be an way to run different game versions. Maybe something that also allows to download the required patch, to run some older mods such as Grand Theft Auto Space mod. With older script hook versions and such (if required).

    That would be awesome and the final way to be easy to create mods and at the same time to enjoy them without messing up the developer mode. And btw. i don't play online so i don't really care :) but if so, well then your tool i guess can clean it fully up, even with my manuel mode suggestion. Think about how many files for ex. NVE or other graphic mods change. It would be a mess to keep all these profiles updated with the game version when you don't use them all daily and may stop working with newer ones.

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    2 dagar sen
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Pursuit Why you didn't mentioned in your description how to set up an profile? I am confused. I click on the plus icon to create a profile, i type the name. And then, after saving i don't have any files to choose? Huh? Where can i choose the files for that profile? And where can i set where all those files get moved? I also noticed that this tool automaticly generates something related to my none mods folder and other unrelated files in my game folder, such as my backups that i have in the game folder. And what is that button with the 3 lines next to the profile for? It doesn't do anything when i click on it (the icon represent a menu setup)

    8 dagar sen
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @killa2sick Sorry, i will not scale it up. I want to have the car in accurate size. The game animations isn't designed for such as cars. You see this problem on most car mods. Weven when i would scale it up, then the hands on the steering wheel won't match anymore. That would require then the truck layout animations, which doesn't fit at all. Custom animations are currently not the way developed that this thing can be fixed. The only way would be, that R* adds a new animation which fits the car. And for the last thing you mentioned about stance, idk what you mean by that, or in other words, what you trying to say.

    24 juli 2021
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    Only 2 pictures uploaded?

    14 juli 2021
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Ironia_Official Maybe ask Ikt then, he did a lot of such as good stuff

    9 juli 2021
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    Nice. But please implement something that let us swing with the rope, like in the original mission. Maybe read what natives the mission runs.

    5 juli 2021
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    Oah nice beauty! Thanks for that. Does it have a towing hook? @NajPotez

    14 juni 2021
  • C8cc77 project1.13
  • C8cc77 project1.13