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  • Michael

    Just a quick question, how can I make it a little less glossy? My rig doesn't allow me to max some graphics settings.

    27 september 2018
  • Michael

    Wow. Just wow.

    13 september 2018
  • Michael

    Hey, just a question, when you set the gang member indexes (hairDrawableIndex, headDrawableIndex, etc...) to -1, does this randomize their appearances?

    4 september 2018
  • Michael

    Cara, muuuuuuito massa essa arma! Desde pequeno eu tinha um boneco de RoboCop com a Auto 9 e achava a melhor arminha de brinquedo que eu tinha. kkkkkkkkk Continue o bom trabalho, tá ótimo! Só uma coisa que não achei legal foi o fogo que sai da arma quando você atira fica no meio do compensador da pistola, daí parece que a parte da frente tá pegando fogo. Tem como ajeitar? Valeu pelo upload!

    1 september 2018
  • Michael

    Simply put, a must have.

    27 augusti 2018
  • Michael

    To those who want to give more variety to their gangs. Peds with their hashes, pretty simple. I'm at work, but later I'll make a Merryweather gang and try to add diversified soldiers.

    27 augusti 2018
  • Michael

    You, sir, made me save hours of editing files just by posting these here. Thank you very much for your work!

    To all those having problems with enemies not spawning with weapons, just open GangData with notepad and add these lines where "gangWeaponHashes" is on each registered gang:


    They will start with pistols, or you can simply change the weapon to your liking. Remember to make the changes on every gang, there are twelve from my counting. But seriously, after a time they will start buying more weapons, it's just a matter of time.

    The files are outdated, yes, but you can edit everything manually. That's what I did. The newer versions of Gang and Turf added more territories, so the TurfZoneData won't work properly. I just searched through the new one with Ctrl + F and made the changes from this mod's file. It works like a charm.

    26 augusti 2018