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    also the clipping of the clothes issue like i want body armor and a helmet but it clips and Anything i had this issue in a mod that has a menyoo mod outfits ect i hope it gets fixed in 2.0 or somthing

    1 mars 2023
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    will this mod have all the MP Clothes, cars, weapons and ect as in online its not telling me as to what is the content also does it have a fully functional cayo perico map (the new map with ai cars trucks ect??) also thanks for the mod

    1 mars 2023
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    Expanded and Enhanced what is does it mean?? also why did they add them into the trainer can they fix them or get rid of them??

    30 maj 2022
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    These 5 Cars are

    1. Coil Cyclone II

    2. Imponte Arbiter GT

    3. Karin S95

    4. Pegassi Weaponized Ignus

    5. Pfister Astron Custom

    every time i click on them it crashes the game can someone please help thanks

    or can some one put these in this trainer please thanks.

    13 maj 2022