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  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Salman Aslam Can this mod be installed without using the "Premium Deluxe Motorsport" mod? I'm only interested on the exterior of the dealership, not interested on the inside of it.

    4 dagar sen
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Smukkeunger I can't spawn any liveries for this vehicle. The vehicle spawns fine in game and handles well but, those liveries I see in the pictures are just not there. I tried to find 'em in the trainer in "Vehicle Livery Menu" and there's nothing there. Also, I opened up the ytd and there are no dds files in there relating to skins. How do I get those nice looking liveries shown on the demo pictures for this vehicle?

    14 september 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @nenlee Você não deveria mexer com nenhum desses valores no arquivo gameconfig, a menos que saiba o que está fazendo, porque você pode tornar as coisas ainda piores e seu jogo irá travar com muito mais frequência. Qual parece ser o problema agora? Você ainda está brincando com versões piratas do GTA 5?

    10 september 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @sjaak327 Is it possible to assign actual "color" names to saved colors, instead of saying "Color_Slot" numbers? I got a whole bunch of colors saved in the trainer but, they all save with color slot numbers, so sometimes if I can't remember where I saved a specific color I have to go thru all those color slots to find the one I'm looking for, is there any way to change those slot numbers with the actual name of the colors?

    30 augusti 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @WolvexR I got some questions for you, in the vehicles.metas, the only values you changed was the "damageOffsetScale" or did you make any other changes within the vehicle.metas? Also, what are the changes you made for each individual vehicle within the handling.metas? The reason I need to know the specific changes to both vehicles and handling metas is because some of those I already modified with important replacement vehicle data. I got some replacement vehicles installed which required modifications to some vehicles and handling metas, that's why I can't just replace those with yours willy-nilly, if you know what I mean. I do want better deformation on vehicles but, in my case I would have to make those changes manually instead of installing your oiv package.

    23 augusti 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @MvcGyver I downloaded the supposed 5.4.2 version but the oiv has the same title as the previous 5.4.1 (5ff658-RSE5.4.1_SoundOnly.oiv), now I'm confused, is this the updated 5.4.2 version or the previous one?

    21 augusti 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @MvcGyver Is the "Realistic Firefight Effects" mod also added to the "Sound Only" oiv or only to the main full package?

    19 augusti 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @radd I know that but having the cops chasing around in the game reading the GTA V End User License Agreement at loud doesn't make much sense however something more police related like what they normally say to you when they detain you makes much more sense regardless of whether you keep running away or not, it's just my opinion. This mod is still funny as is anyways.

    14 augusti 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @2girls1comp This is nice but, it would be even nicer if you would make a version of the police shouting your actual rights, like they do in real life when they detain you, even if you're running away. Something like: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?” …etc..etc..Something like that would be a cool version of this mod.

    13 augusti 2023
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @gta5testya I got a question for you, the "rv life.xml" which add peds to the ymaps, can I just put it in Map Editor's "AutoloadMaps" folder so it'll load up automatically when the game launches or do you recommend only loading it manually in the game thru Map Editor menu?

    10 augusti 2023