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  • Becc6c immortal300

    I apologize for the late reply as I have not played this game or logged in here for some time.
    With that being said, I have no plans to adapt this to multiplayer.
    I don't play MP and if I did I'm not completely sure it would cause issues with the anti-cheat program, whatever that may be.

    As far as helping people with different resolutions, I'm also sorry.
    This mod was made out of pure curiosity and experimenting with the numbers in that xml file and I thought I might share my outcome with the community.
    I tend to have a curious fixation with tweaking things to my liking but this was a fairly easy yet time consuming venture.

    What I suggest to those that want to change this to their liking is to get a program called WinMerge.
    It's a great utility that I have been using for years.

    Then compare the vanilla file to mine to easily find where I made the changes.
    All I can suggest is to have a go at that file. What can it hurt?
    You know where to put it. Just make a backup and start messing with it.

    31 maj 2020
  • Becc6c immortal300

    You should read the instructions for using OpenIV.
    They will tell you how to go about modding your game.
    If you cannot find anything I suggest going to YouTube and doing a search for OpenIV and mod installation. You might find that a better solution.
    Here is a link for you.

    3 september 2019
  • Becc6c immortal300

    So, I recently installed this and after selecting Story Mode and it loading up, I received a Malwarebyes quarantine for a trojan. with an IP address of
    When I did a lookup on the web for, Malwarebytes blocked the site.

    Screenshot of MB quarantine.

    Screenshot of web

    17 mars 2019
  • Becc6c immortal300

    Comments above will answer that question.
    I have not tested that.
    Easy way for you to find out, is ti simply download the mod and install it. 😉
    It's a very small XML file.
    Back up your original first.

    6 november 2018
  • Becc6c immortal300

    I failed to read part of the description.
    The one where it was stated:
    -If there is a car stopped at red light on left turn signal and you have a green light for going straight, you will get pulled over. This is pretty rare though.

    This might have been the issue.
    I wouldn't call it rare though as I've been testing this and every time, pulled over.
    I will be turning off that part of the mod. :(
    Hopefully, that can be fixed?

    17 september 2018
  • Becc6c immortal300

    Got pulled over for running a red light when it was green.
    Zero record for all. I checked. No other mods for lights or traffic.
    Was stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light.
    One car in front of me, a cop along side of me, one cop behind me. Light turned green, went.
    Cop behind lit me up, He rear ended the other cop that pulled in behind me and pulled me over for running a red when it was green.
    While it doesn't happen all the time it does happen.
    This has happened more than once.

    17 september 2018
  • Becc6c immortal300

    What does that mean?
    Age or number of pictures?
    Maybe put up some more screenshots and if adult content then blur out the picture.
    Otherwise you're just misleading people with your title.

    13 september 2018
  • Becc6c immortal300

    Thank you.
    I have no plans to do that myself as I prefer it in the general position it's currently in.
    You can do it yourself though by editing the xml file.
    I won't go into details as this is all trial and error for me in getting the proper numbers.

    11 september 2018
  • Becc6c immortal300

    Update to your inquiry about making my mod work with the Big Map mod.
    I have been successful in making it work in a 21:9 ratio and will be uploading soon along with a further cleaning up of the minimap.
    Hopefully by the end of this week.

    11 september 2018
  • Becc6c immortal300

    Thank you.
    Update now pending.
    Hope it fixes what I'm seeing on my end.

    10 september 2018