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  • Michael3

    2.4.3 [Hotfix to 2.4.2] was successfully released!
    - [Fix] "mods" does not move to whitelist

    4 september 2023
  • Michael3

    2.4.2 was successfully released!
    - [Improved] Changed "Delete all mods from GTA V folder" button color to darker one
    - [Improved] Changed visible file color from red to blue
    - [Improved] Renamed "Filter list" to "Game files"
    - [Improved] Renamed and removed "Show" text in "Whitelist" & "Game files" in menu
    - [Improved] Highlighted text in "Whitelist" & "Game files" in menu
    - [Improved] "mods" folder will highlighted in orange and on deletion it will ask again to delete this folder
    - [Soon] Next update will contains bunch of improvements and fixes. Mainly for "Game files" and MD5 hash checks!

    Thanks for your ratings guys!

    4 september 2023
  • Michael3

    @GurMan If you read the comments it was planned for only gta. But someone has the idea to make it global instead of only gta so here is it :)

    Please dont rate before you know what is going on or for what and why this tool is here.

    26 juni 2023
  • Michael3

    @mitto_backup Yes you both copys of the game and save it in the tool and then you can change batween them. Just exit steam while doing this and make sure you select the steam option in tool.

    You can also temp. disable the auto update in steam:
    1. Right click on the game in steam >> properties >> Updates >> Automatic updates.
    2. Select "Only update this game when I launch it"
    3. Run steam in offline mode OR disable your internet while running the game.
    I know its stupid but steam doesnt want a disable updates feature for whatever reason -.-

    But the steam feature in the tool is a beta feature! I cant garantuee this will work. Be warned!

    18 juni 2023
  • Michael3

    @7mods The tool shows only the mod files and delete only the mods. Idk what was wrong on you but it deletes only the showed files.

    14 juni 2023
  • Michael3

    Version 9.1 was Released

    --- 9.1
    (I had to completely revamp the entire tool because there was bigger problems to fix.
    Shortcut manager still needs some tests.)
    - [Re-enabled] "Launch" option
    - [Added] Steam Support (BETA)
    - [Added] Epic Games Support (BETA)
    - [Added] "Support" to Menu
    - [Added] "Support Ticket" to Support (Email Support)
    - [Added] "Discord" to Support (Live Support)
    - [Added] "Gta5-mods" to Support (Download Page Support)
    - [Added] Rockstar Launcher detection on start (when the launcher is running while starting this tool then the tool forcing to close the launcher for security reason)
    - [Added] Shortcut Manager: Status progress bar while rebuilding the IconCache
    - [Added] Shortcut Manager: "RAGEPluginHook" checkbox
    - [Added] Some notifications to some otions
    - [Fix] Path changing not working correctly
    - [Fix] A bug with CPU (higher CPU usage than normal) (seems that this occur since Windows 10 Update 1903)
    - [Fix] Automatic path detection when no registry value (path) exist (Manual path selecting!) (only show up if there is no value in registry)
    - [Fix] Shortcut manager not correctly working since last windows updates [THX to @DaSeit99 for his attention!]
    - [Fix] Some shortcut manager options
    - [Fix] Possible Tool crash fix if "Set selected Path" was clicked and selected path was not existing
    - [Improved] Rebuild IconCache option in Shortcut Manager
    - [Improved] Tool UI (Re-Sorted and changed some UI elements)
    - [Improved] Label editor - for easyer label change (Click on the label (path name) for editing)
    - [Improved] Decreased Number of path selections (Decreased selection from 10 to 2)
    - [Improved] Tool Performance
    - [Improved] Desktop (explorer.exe) Running check (No more questions if desktop is started)
    - [Improved] Shortcut System (to avoid the the shortcut manager not correctly working)
    - [Removed] Save Tool Position Option
    - [Removed] Unused and unnecessary code
    - [Removed] Number of path selections and fixed to value 2
    - [Removed] Language options
    - [Removed] Settings.ini options (no more config file)
    - [Removed] RAGEPluginHook (LSPDFR) detection on shortcut (added another option for that)
    - [Removed] "Exit Tool after the path is changed" option

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    13 juni 2023
  • Michael3

    Update v2.5 Released!
    ATTANTION: I release this update on December 2021 on my homepage but forgot to update on gta5-mods!
    Sorry for this late update here.

    --- 2.5
    - [Added] Possibility to create Website (links) shortcuts
    - [Fix] Image converter doesn't work (the result was blank (white) shortcut)
    - [Removed] Network functionality (Beta, Update System & Changelog)

    13 juni 2023
  • Michael3

    Feel free to join my Discord Server and get your GTA V Tools role by reacting in Self Roles channel. After you get the role you have acces to the test version of the tool. For new updates.

    29 maj 2023
  • Michael3

    Tester needed for the New Tool update! The new version (9.1) Supports Steam and Epic!
    Feel free to join my Discord Server and get your GTA V Tools role by reacting in Self Roles channel. After you get the role you have acces to the test version of the tool.

    29 maj 2023
  • Michael3

    @Imranhaider512_ Sadly not possible because of the epic launcher

    24 maj 2023