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    @ImNotMentaL When do you plan to update this amazing script? It would be realy great to add an option to select the hight of the camera in the .ini file. At the moment the panos just can be done from a ground angle.

    9 september 2018
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    Ohh man, thank you so much for this mod. This can be one of the best mods ever if it would allow us to capture the images for the panoramas at any position and at any high. The position for the panoramas is very low at the moment and it looks like that the hight can't be adjusted yet. The capture should also start with a click on a button instead of typing a text in a window so that we could capture action scenes while they are going on. (Important: The game should be paused to capture the screens for the panorama otherwise the stitching can be problematic.) Here is an example of me what i have manualy captured one and a half year ago:

    4 september 2018
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    Is there a way to make the cam movement much much slower? Its to fast moving for hyperlapse recording.

    31 januari 2017