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    This is very interesting! Can you please make the animation of the walkers drunk or injured or something like that? Right now these zombie walkers are just walking like normal living people. It would be awesome if they walked around like they're drunk or injured. Thanks!

    25 juli 2021
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    This is a lot of fun! I like it when the slump over before falling or when their arms go stiff! It's just like in those real death videos when some guy on a scooter drives up to someone then assassinates them..

    16 maj 2021
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    This is fun thanks!

    16 maj 2021
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    I imagine the fix would involve something about the placement of the leaf which acts as the gore? I hope it gets fixed in the future!

    3 maj 2021
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    Awesome mod, works with the current version of GTA I have, the one with the new island update. I noticed one thing though. Whenever it's loading rioters, sometimes it would say that the ped model does not exist or something like that. I guess the name of the peds changed in the most recent update? Can you please update the ped model names to what is being used now in the latest update? Thanks!

    9 mars 2021
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    I wish this would be updated. I loved it in the old version of the game but it is broken now.

    8 mars 2021
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    Wow this is beautiful! Really looks like the movie version! I'll have fun with this later. I'll pretend Arthur is a disgruntled Uber driver and then he'll drive people to hell lol :)

    25 oktober 2019
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    This is awesome and so much fun! I'm happy that after returning to this game after a long long long time, my wish for a proper dismemberment mod has finally happened! Works with 1.41 GTA V, very fun!

    10 september 2019
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    Hi I have a request please! I noticed that while playing with this, the average distance that passengers travel is somewhere around 1 or 2 miles only. It would be awesome if there were also different types of distance trips. For example, Short Ride is 1 to 5 miles. Medium Ride is 6 to 10 miles. Long Ride is 11 and higher miles.

    Another request I have is a Driver Rating and Passenger Rating System, which I'll detail below. Basically, when a ride request starts, you will see the rating of a passenger (5.00 highest, 1.00 lowest). Once you see that, you have the option to Decline or Accept the ride. You can keep declining until you get a passenger with a decent rating, by then you can push the Accept button (whatever key we assign to it).

    By the way for more inspiration, I'll lay down some of the current Uber rates and fees so we can fully simulate the nightmare of what it's like to be a rideshare Uber driver. I hope you'll be able to add some optional features to incorporate these, thanks!

    Uber Driver:

    60 Cents Per Mile, 20 Cents Per Minute - Only paid when passenger is already in the car.

    Cancellation Fee - $3.75, If driver arrives within the allotted time where he's supposed to pick-up the passenger and then the passenger cancels the ride.

    Driver Rating - 5.00 highest, 1.00 lowest, if passenger experiences discomfort during the trip because the car is dirty or the driver crashed into another car or object, then the driver also will get a low rating. The driver can still be given a low rating by a bad low rated passenger, please see details below.

    Passenger Rating - 5.00 highest, 1.00 lowest, a high rated passenger between 4.80 to 5.00 will always follow the rules of how to rate a driver (as in if the car didn't crash or the car isn't dirty, they give a rating of 5 to the driver. The lower the rating, the more likely the passenger will give a low rating (this happens in real life!) for example, a 4.79 passenger will be more likely to give a rating of 4 to the driver, while passengers who are 4.69 to 1.00 will be more likely to give a rating of 1 to 3.

    Another important feature for low rated passengers who are around 4.50 to 1 is that the lower they are rated, the more likely they are going to pick a fight with the driver. For example, a driver arrives at the pick up location, but the passenger decides to just physically attack the driver or "flip the bird" at him (again, this happens in real life!)

    In real life, Uber drivers AVOID low rated passengers for these reasons.

    Thanks and I hope to see the next update of this awesome mod :)

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    9 september 2019