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Hello! Nameless New Guy here.

Dispatch Revamp is a resource for Call Out Developers. This package includes call outs for fires, helicopter missions, and an assortment of other call outs.

So I'm mostly new to LSPDFR and as a person that's interested in law enforcement games I think LSPDFR is one of the best (if not THE best) law enforcement game on the market. I'm also new to GTA V modding but I'm not new to modding games. Having said that I understand that GTA V isn't friendly for mod developers and all of you are doing the best you can to work with what you got. That's what modding is all about right? Working with you got ... and in the world of dispatch audio, from what I can tell there isn't a lot to work with. So since I can't mod anything I decided to put my audio tinkering skills to the test and have brought you this resource file.

Please Note: This is a resource for Call Out Developers mostly at this point. Why? Well because I'm not familiar with every single call out pack that's out there I don't have files to replace their individual audio files. Since each call out pack pulls audio from different places, you'll get different dispatch voices delivering you the same call. ... however developers are invited to use the files from this mod to add to their own.

Key Features

- You get different flavors with most of your audio. You'll have a calm and an urgent version of some things. That's right when your fellow officer is getting shot at the dispatcher will have a sense of urgency in her voice.

- Helicopter calls complete with custom call signs, missions, and mission complete or mission fail audio (example "Mission failed, RTB, and stay out the Captain's sight"

- Some generic calls for fire (i.e citizens report a small or large amount of smoke) hopefully that cover structure, vehicle, and what have you.

-You may notice a file with (+Typing) yeah, are you annoyed by the Uhhhhs? Well now there is typing there so the call will sound like this "Unit 1, Citizens reports suspicious activity in *keyboard typing* Davis" .. yes the Uhhhs are there too if you want to use them.

103 calls in the "Expanded Law Enforcement Calls" file

Bomb threat
Bomb detonation
Train Derailed
Car Stuck on Tracks
Secure Scene for Medical Services
Foot Pursuit in Progress
Hostage Situation
VIP Motorcade Escort
Union Depository Alarm Activated
And so much more for you to explore!

Some of the calls can be used by other services too!

24 calls in the "Fire Department Calls" file

Cat Stuck in Tree
Plane Crash
Medical Service Requested
Emergency Landing at Los Santos International
Brush Fire
Wild Fire
Oil Spill
Vehicle Accident with Entrapment
Boat on Fire
Rescue Diver Requested

There's a couple of more goodies in there for you.

9 calls in the "Medical Calls" file

Heart Attack
Officers Need Medical Aid

Support Firefighters (when fighting large fires. EMS may accompany fire fighters to the scene to make sure they're doing good.)

Dead body found (or is it? could be a drunk you know? But you're the paramedic so .. your call)

Vague medical call out to cover multitude of medical situations.

14 calls in the "Military Calls" file

Enemy Units Spotted
Unresponsive Aircraft
Federal Agency Requesting Help
Prison Riot
Riot Control
Security Breach
High Scale Crime

Hijacked vehicles ... and you got it! A few more things in there for call out developers to use.

13 calls in the "USCG Calls" file along with 4 audio files to address USCG players.

Oil Spill
Federal Agency Request Surveillance in an area for suspicious activity
Boat on fire
Vessel Dead in the Water
Aircraft Declaring an Emergency

EPIRB Activation (it's a little device that when water hits it the USCG will know about it. It's a IRL thing)

PLB Activation (PLB works like an EPIRB except a PLB is registered to a person whereas the EPIRB is registered to a ship)

So there's a few more items in this folder but these things are vague enough to fit situations.

Cari Scholtens - Dispatcher Voice

NNG - Audio Tinkering

And You - Thank you for your support.
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