Working Burger Shot 2.0


Place WorkingBurgerShot.dll, irrKlang.NET4.dll, ikpFlac.dll and WorkingBurgerShot folder into your "scripts" folder. Place ikpMP3.dll in your root folder. You will need the latest versions of ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, and NativeUI. You can also install the optional .ytd file which will retexture the clerk to the GTA IV ped.

You will also need the Burger Shot Interior by Smallo:

This mod brings back the memories of Burger Shot from GTA IV! You can buy food or rob the place.

This is version 2 of my "Working Burger Shot" mod for GTA 5 that brings back Burger Shot from GTA IV! Special thanks to Smallo for his interior which let me update the mod to add new features. The script will spawn a clerk who takes your order and workers in the kitchen. It will also randomly spawn food trays and such on the tables. You can also rob the place like a convenience store but the clerk might fight back and pull out a shotgun. You can order & eat new food items which will gradually heal the player, but don't eat too much or you will puke like in GTA San Andreas. You can also sit down in any chair to immerse yourself, combined with the new eating/drinking mechanics inspired from Red Dead Redemption 2. There is also a cardiac arrest event and a familiar voice from GTA IV.

- Initial Release

- Decreased loading time.
- Added chance of clerk pulling out a gun instead of giving you money.
- Added clerk greeting and selling animations.
- Fixed vending machine so you can buy drinks.
- Added doors to bathroom.
- Added Big Smoke easter egg.

- Completely rewritten script for new interior, thanks to Smallo
- Read "About" for more info

Smallo - Interior
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