Weapon Bays Control 2.6


Weapon Bays Control

This mod will open weapon bays on supported fighter jets and helicopters when you change a weapon.

Changes in 2.6: Added NATF-23 model support

Changes in 2.5.1: Added Su-57 Cannon support

Changes in 2.5: Added new Su-57 model support

Changes in 2.4: Added ability to control delay after the weapons change in the JSON.

Changes in 2.3: Added Akula, Stealth Annihilator, Bell 360 models support.

Changes in 2.2: Added F/B-22 model support.

Changes in 2.1: Now open bomb bay doors as well. Added F-117A, Su-47, Su-57, Tu-22M3 models support.

Changes in 2.0: added F-35A, Su-75 models support. Added JSON config file.

Supported models: F-22A, F-35A, F-35B, F-35C, F-117A, YF-22, YF-23, J-20, J-31, Su-47, Su-57, Su-75, Tu-22M3, RAH-66

Download, extract and copy in the Grand Theft Auto V folder
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