Vanilla Coffee 2.0


Place "VanillaCoffee.dll" and "VanillaCoffee.ini" into your "\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\" folder. You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET.

Interact - E (default)

Vanilla Unicorn Job.

#----- Clock In / Out -----#
- Enter Vanilla Unicorn then go to the marker at the entrance (near ATMs) and hit the interact key (E Default) to clock In and start the mod.
- Once you clock in the Bouncer at the private lounge entrance will be deleted along with the stripper currently dancing at the pole. This is done in order to prevent any issues.
- To clock out go to the same marker.

#----- Pole Dance -----#
- Go near the pole and press the interact key (E Default) to start the dance sequence.
- You can Flirt during the dance sequence.
- There is a random chance that a patron will be selected. Patrons will watch you from the side rail.
- Patrons toss tips randomly. You will receive the tips at the end of the dance.
- There is a private dance sequence that will replace the default exit sequence when a patron is available.
- You will be paid a fixed pay for every dance. You can collect your pay from the office before clocking out.

#----- Lap Dance -----#
- Go to the marker in front of the private lounge entrance to wait for a patron.
- Patrons will come to you and offer random amount of money (sometimes free) for a Lap Dance. You can choose to accept or reject the offer and wait for another patron.
- After accepting a offer go inside the private lounge (marked on the map) to start the Lap Dance sequence.

#----- Compatibility with Character Swap -----#
- Once you clock In the Bouncer at the private lounge entrance will be deleted. If not clock out and clock in again.
- After clocking in the Stripper at the pole will also be deleted. If not there is a marker inside the changing area to clear stage.

- You can change the controls in the VanillaCoffee.ini file.
- You can change the Flirt Voice
- There's an option to enable Stage Enter animation too but I couldn't figure out exact coordinates so it is disabled. You can try yourself by changing the ENTERPOS and ROTATION variables.
- Change the patron spawn chance %age
- Change the amount received for each tip and maximum number of tips.
- Change the pay received at the end
- Change Lap dance patron wait time
- Change Lap dance minimum and maximum pay

- Initial Release

- Added a patron feature that will randomly select a ped to watch at the side rail.
- The patron will randomly toss tips (Amount can be configured in ini)
- Added a new private dance sequence when patron is available (will replace original exit sequence). More tips during private dance sequence
- Added a fixed pay feature. You will receive a fixed pay for every dance. (Amount can be configured)

- Updated VanillaCoffee.ini file to correctly update controls.

- Lots of changes, mainly added Lap Dance Sequence and made the mod compatible with Character Swap.
- Read the description to see all the features

Thanks to @danistheman262 and @Mordecki for their scripting tutorials,
@MAFINS for Menyoo.
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