True Realistic Driving V (Realistic Mass, Handling) V5.5

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True Realistic Driving V

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What is this?
GTA V doesn't take vehicle mass into account for its car physics - this mod tries to mitigate that by adding inertia forces based on acceleration. It doesn't just change the handling.meta values. It applies actual forces on your vehicle when it changes direction - accelerates. Both linear and rotational inertia are present.

Now features a menu to adjust values in-game!
Default keys for menu navigation: UP = L; DOWN = K; ENTER(SHOW MENU) = O

Highly Recommended:
To get the most realistic handling use Realistic Driving V v2.5 by Killatomate or another realistic handling.meta mod

Recommended mods:
-Stop!Powercutting by any333
-Realistic Driving V v2.5 by Killatomate
-Drive Modes & Custom Vehicle Cameras [Handling Editor] by stillhere
-Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support by ikt

Current Bugs and Issues
-Editing handling.meta values with external scripts in-game won't change RealisticMass physics. You'll have to reload manually in the menu.
-Game may crash with some Enhanced Native Trainer versions
-Only cars are tested and supported, plane, boat, 2-wheel,6-wheel transport will not work or may behave unexpectedly
-Teleporting is bugged, as it's impossible to determine when the vehicle is teleported and disable the inertia forces.

Modified from: Real Time Handling Editor by ikt

Previous changelog in the archive

-Complete rewrite of RealisticMass with a wholly different approach
-Calculation of forces is now handeled by the game engine: much more precise, forces of greater magnitude are fully supported
-Should be compatible with most, if not all, vehicle scripts now
-RealGripLoss and BetterPowerCurve removed to make True Realistic Driving V more compatible, will try to release them as standalone scripts.

-Fixed bug where debugballs would sometimes not disappear completely or show damage effects

-Fixed some bugs
-Fixed slow garage entrences/exits that may have caused soft-locks
-added rolloverhelp - Increases vehicle body-roll.

-Minor menu improvements
-Major under-the-hood physics improvements
-added RealisticGravity - Self-explanatory. You might want to increase fSuspensionForce for this.

-Fixed suspension lowering for "RealisticGravity"
-Slight visual body-roll increase for "RealisticGravity"
-Minor "RealisticGravity" improvements - recommended to use now

-Debug leftovers removed

-RealisticGravity reworked: Mass effects driving characteristics now (experimental)(Realistic option in menu)

-Minor frollcenrteheightcompensation fixes
-RealisticGravity tweaks
-RealisticGravity intensity adjustable
-Per-axis distribution of inertias tweaked, vehicle behaviour less erratic (SwapInertiaXY no longer needed)
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