Script for addon streamedpeds (female) V3.6

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Script for kustom streamed vagos ped(V3.6):

Thanks to TheCrusaderYT, for sharing his code source:
(this ,of course, helped me a lot)

This script works only for addon streamedped Vagos Female V7.1

!!! I recomend to use this mod with characterswap:, to avoid infinite loading screen when characters dies, also to enable shops(weapons/los santos custom) and enable money system. !!!

Hi, this script add an ingame menu trainer where you can:

-Save outfit(only one for now), coords and weapons(except sweeper shotgun,wrench and axe,maybe i dont wright the right names on script);

-Makeup store, where you can find face piercing, nails polish and of course makeup.
(PS: i recommend to use this store if you want to save correctly hands/feet makeup values, and not use classic trainers for makeup).

-Ability to remove gloves and shoes quickly and correctly via main menu(for example if you used makeup shop to change nails, this function will enable
hands/feet nails color automaticaly when you remove gloves/shoes).

-Automatic elevation when character wears high heels, and custom movment clipset for shoes.
(for example: heels walking style when charcter wears high heels).


-And,of course, this:


-Place "kustomvagos" folder and "vagosscript.asi" in your GTAV root folder.

How to use:

->Press LEFTCTRL+X: load saved ped.(also press this key for first launch, i already added some custom values).

->Press LEFTCTRL+A or SQUARE+DPAD DOWN: Open main vagos female menu.

->Hold E or Right DPAD at makeup shop to open shop menu( there is a blip in minimap, that gives you location of makeup shop).

->And, yes, to save everything (clothes,weapons,coords), select "Save Ped(everything" on main menu

Thats all.
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