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IMPORTANT: You need a mod such as sjaak327's Simple Trainer that lets you spawn MP vehicles in singleplayer.

Word on the street is The Lost MC is much more scary after one of the club members figured out they can use RC cars to blow up rivals. But since they aren't too bright, a van full of armed RC cars is parked next to their clubhouse, ready to be taken.

This mod creates a gang burrito (marked with a blip named "RC Vehicle Van") in The Lost MC clubhouse that allows you to use RC cars full of explosives.

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded to your GTA V folder/scripts/.

Hold the interaction key while being inside the RC vehicle van (aka the gang burrito) and you'll get a menu that lets you choose a model. (INPUT_CONTEXT - E by default)
Press the detonation key while using a RC car to detonate it. (INPUT_DETONATE - G by default)

These controls can be changed from scripts/rcbomb_config.ini, just replace the control IDs with the ones you want. (Click here for a list of game controls)

Here are the settings for this mod:

SHOWCONTROLS: Toggles help texts, setting it to true means the script will always tell you what to do. (Press to detonate etc.) Setting it to false will disable those messages. (Default: true)
MAXDISTANCE: Maximum distance you can drive away from the van while using an armed RC car. (Default: 200)
(Version 1.1 and above) FPSCAMERA: Force first person camera while driving a RC car. True to enable, False to disable. (Default: false)

Things to Know
- This script was tested on game version 1604.0 with sjaak327's Simpe Trainer installed

- Any mod that allows you to spawn MP vehicles in singleplayer (Recommended: Simple Trainer)
- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET (and its requirements)
- NativeUI

- Fixed a null reference exception.

- Changed timecycle modifier strength calculation to actually care about maximum distance setting.

- Added FPSCAMERA setting to CONFIG section of the rcbomb_config.ini file. Setting it to True will force you to use the first person camera while driving a RC car. Make sure your config file looks like this image.

Source code is available on GitHub.
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