BeAPrisonGuard [Prison, Army, SWAT ROPE] [LSPDFR] 0.08


Please do not
reupload or redistribute this without my explicit permission. Thank you.

SWAT-Rope Preview
  • How install:

  • -Install LSPDFR
    -Put all Files into Grand Theft Auto V folder

    What do this mod?
    You can enter the Prison without Alarm and Wanted's for more RP. In future i will add Prison Callouts and more.

    -Update to LSPDFR 0.31 (Assembly loading Error)
    -Fixed some Bugs
    -New Version Check-Adress

    -Update to LSPDFR 0.3

    -Added new Feature (SWAT-Rope - F7 to start).
    -#Fixed Space + F9 (Force-Duty)

    -Own MoveObject Class explaced to NativeFunction.
    -Automatic Check for new Versions.
    -Prisoner dont run away now, if Guards shooting.
    -Gates Open/Close Radius elevated to 20.
    -Include All Cop-Models, now all cops have access.
    -Added new ClearAmbientZone.
    -Include Army Entrance to Mod (suggestion by iguana11)
    -Army-Base dont attack now, if you flight about Base.
    -First development of callouts (Gang-Massbrawl), but not include.
    -#Fixed All Alarms stop now.
    -#Fixed Helicopter Explode

    -#Fixed GetNearbyPeds out of range

    -#Fixed Add Sheriff to Acceses Models

    -LSPDFR included.
    -Security Guards help if any prisoner attack you.
    -#Fixed NPC'S have access to prison.
    -#Fixed Disable Spawn Helicopter is Plugin load.
    -#Fixed Disable Prisoner automatic attacks.
    -#Fixed Better Performance.

    -Prison Gates open if u have Guard Model

    Version: 0.08

    Bugs, Crashed someone else send me a E-Mail
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