Pet Lovers 1.1


Pet Lovers 1.1

About this mod

So, in general you won't see, too many peds, along with their owners in the game, well, this script simply puts 3 peds along with their owners around you for every 30 seconds. So, now, when you walk on the streets, you are most likely to see, more pets & their owners, no matter wherever you go. :)

Peds & Pets Everywhere - They will spawned nearby you, so you will be able to see them, talk to them and even fight them.

Don't mess with Pet Lovers - Messing with them is a very bad idea, since, all of them are on the same side, and if you attack, even any one of them, they will beat you death. No matter, wherever you run, they will follow you. :D

Customized Key Binding - No complicated keybindings or combination, just press one key to launch pet lovers and another to delete them. :D

Auto Mode included - If you wish to activate the mod, automatically, simply put KeyInput in INI file to false, and now the script will spawn and delete the pet lovers automatically.

Respect the PETS and their owners - Watch out, now when you will shoot at anyone of them(be that pet or ped), they all (exclude some pets who are not capable) will fight back. If you are unbeatable by just the pet owners, they might have their friends in the given radius, who will join them, beating you. :D :)

Not all pets can fight back - Not all pets can fight back, some will do others will flee, but their owners and owner's friends, for sure will fight back.

20+ Pets - Now enjoy walking down the streets with 20+ different peds. Here, the little list - (Boar, Cat, Chicken, hawk, Chimpanzee, Cormorant, Cow, Coyote, Deer, Husky, Poodle, Pug, Retriever, Rottweiler, shepherd, Hen, Mountain Lion, Pig, rabbit, Rat etc)

they are no easy kill - Now, they won't die easily, added them a massive health pack, which will last them for more than 10 bullets.(P.S. If you find yourself in trouble, try for head shots, as they will be instantly killed. Like Zombies. :D)

Compressed the code - Re-arranged majority of the code, and now the spawn time is comparatively less then earlier version.

All animals settings added to INI file - Now, if you do not wish to see, all animal kingdom around you, just disable this function from provided INI file, reload. Now, script will only spawn domestic pets(mostly dogs and cats)


How to Install
Extract PetLovers.dll to your GTA V/Scripts folder.




E = To launch(Default, can change it in INI)
T = To delete them all

Legle copy of GTA V



Current Version 1.1
Spawn Pet Lovers on the Go. :)


Known Issues

No, Known issues, only the script delays for 2 seconds when you spawn the pets, since, the random function has to validate 3 more functions within, so I had to add this delayed time. So, once, you see the notification about pet creating, please do not re-press the key immediately.


P.S. I just made this mod, out of nowhere, as I was just playing around with functions of Scripthook.dll.

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