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I was upset how in GTA V the player character would never appear to be injured more than just appearance-wise even though non-controlled pedestrians and such would stagger and limp away (and even moreso with community-made mods and animation edits) so I present to yall my injured player limping and recovery system.

Firstly, if you're using a mod like this I assume you want more realism in your game, yes? If that is the case I also recommend using my script here in conjunction with other script mods out there that make your player ragdoll from injuries (my script does everything except this -- I have a separate one installed that does the ragdolling already and some simple searching can find you it as well). I don't know how much difficulty will change without such a mod but it shouldn't be that big of an issue if you don't want it. It certainly makes things much more cinematic though (as you can see in the video preview).

How it works:

Armor is now used as a pain threshold moreso than actual armor. Think of it as pain tolerance, and when it runs out (and your precious actual green health is revealed, no matter how much or how little) you suffer real damage and start to stagger and limp around like you're really injured.

While hiding in cover, the player's armor will now regenerate 3 points for each second you wait, and when your armor reaches 12 points (4 seconds of waiting in cover) you will be able to walk/run normally again. When your armor reaches max, the blood and damage decals on your character will be cleared as well. Realists: please don't cry about regen, it's been kept to a challenging minimum but also gives you a fighting chance against the LSPD for once (assuming you don't play with bullshit rocket-bullet mods and invincibility and such but instead other realism mods like previously referenced).

The reason it is not outright linked to the player's health and instead their armor is because I think it would be much more of a hassle having to constantly drive all the way over to the hospital or soda machine or what have you just to regenerate your health fully and walk normal again (as most of you know your health can never regenerate past 50%) just because you got tapped by a car or something by accident; that's no fun. My system is better because you simply have to move to some cover and wait 4 seconds to gather your "pain tolerance" (armor) enough to keep moving, regardless of where your health is. It's much more functional as a raw gameplay element and not something you'd get tired of this way. I think it makes a great addition and is a good throwback to ultra hardcore third-person shooters from back in the day like The Getaway and a couple others.

Good luck, keep your head down and that armor bar filled. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.





Once both are properly installed, simply place my "InjuredMovement.dll" into your /scripts/ folder and enjoy.
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