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This is the In-Game Music Player for GTA V by Jupiter

If you've wanted to listen to your favorite music in-game, you had to mute the game, and run a music player app in the background. Or use Self Radio - but it is not a music player.

Now, you can play music in-game, like, if you (or - more accurately - your in-game character) were listening to an iPod, walkman, or similar appliance, while in-game.

Place both the ASI and INI files into GTA 5 main directory. Then change the UI show key to a valid virtual key.

There is an INI file for settings. The key, used to show the UI, must be set to a valid key.
There is a boolean option for 'pocket player'. It controls, whether the playback should be stopped (FALSE) or not (TRUE), if the player is on foot.
Master volume is there, because we cannot get the game setting of music volume. You can set it, be clicking on the volume bar, while the UI is shown.
To close the UI, click the X button of the UI window (not the song).
To start a track, double click on it.
To enter/exit directory, double click on it. Doing this with a file will add it ti the list.

You can play MP3/WAV/OGG from your local computer in-game. You can also load and save M3U/PLS playlists... While in-game!
Radio and police/flight music will be disabled, while the music is playing.
So, it is a simplified version of my other music player (which is not for GTA V, but is a standalone Windows app).
Clicking on UI is possible!

Mainly, the built-in limit. Only 64 tracks can be added to the list. You must remove some, before adding any more tracks.

Unfortunately, there's no native or flag to stop all in-game background musics (like mission music). So I cannot do that.
Also, I need to do some work, to find info about pause menu's and scripts' relation...
The music will not stop, if you get to main menu, or Alt-Tab out of game.

ASI loader

1.0: initial version
1.1: bug fixes
- invalid drives are not listed anymore
- the last track remains playable too, after it's stopped on its own
1.1b: bug fix
- track swapping will not trash script internal bookkeeping
1.1c: fixed misspelled audio flag (a letter 'd' was missing) - now it really disables police music while own music is playing
1.2: implemented SCROLLING feature. INI file contains new settings.
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