Glowing Pickups v1.0.3


Glowing pickups from GTA IV have come back to GTA V!
You can adjust glowing range and intensity
multipliers unlike GTA IV!

GTA V (v1.0.877.1 or greater)
Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET
Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 x64
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

This script gives pickups the ability to glow with certain color, just like in GTA IV.
This will help you find pickups, especially in the dark.

Simply put GlowingPickup.dll into your scripts folder or a subdirectory of it.
Note that the setting file GlowingPickup.xml will be created when it's not found in the same directory.

Immersive Pickups by Stryfaar, 420x420, jedijosh920
Disarm by jedijosh920

- Currently, this mod doesn't have custom glowing color, range, and intensity settings for individual pickups, but you can edit these settings by editing pickups.meta or some mods like Immersive Pickups.
- Currently, this mod can't read glowing color, range, and intensity values from internal CPickupInfo structs or can crash the game in v1.0.791.2 or older versions.
- Let me know if you know CPickupInfo offsets in older versions.

Source code available on GitHub

Alternative downloads
Old releases: GitHub Releases
Latest build: AppVeyor Artifacts (can be unstable)

Update for v1.0.1604.0
Change Target Framework (of .NET) to 4.7.2

Improve future-update-proof (now supports 1.0.1365.1)

Fixed throw exception instead of reading or creating the setting xml in some cases

First public release

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