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Open-source script that aims to address some of the numerous issues GTA:V has.

This mod is does not patch the game directly, and should thus last more without active maintenance. It only makes use of in-game natives.

Use the INI to configure it to your liking. I highly suggest you to read through all the options and decide which one to enable, with particular attention to the ones that could possibly cause issues with the game story (those which don't say anything have been tested and work fine with the story). All options can be enabled or disabled independently from one another.

Requires ScriptHookV
Installation: simply extract the ASI inside the game's root directory (where you have installed GTA:V, not inside the "scripts" folder).

v1.1 - Changelog:
- DisarmPlayerWhenShot / DisarmPedWhenShot - Allow enemies that hit the player's weapon (or hands) to disarm the player, similar to RDR and GTA:IV. Adjust DisarmChance and DisarmIncludeLeftHand at your liking. Inspired by jedijosh920's Disarm
- ToggleFPSWalking - Allow player to toggle between jogging and walking in FPS mode. Inspired by chinagreenelvis's Walk Toggle
- DisableEngineFire - Disable engine fires when engine health reaches below 0. Also disables automatic vehicle explosion after engine healt reaches -4000
- DisableEngineSmoke - Same as DisableEngineFire, but the threshold is set to 400. Prevents the engine from smoking and catching fire
- DisableRecording - Disable the replay recording feature completely
- Improved friendly fire code allowing player to perform melee lockon on friendly peds
- Allow player to still have control of wheel steering when vehicle is stuck
- Allow player to switch characters while inside the safehouse (AllowWeaponsInsideSafeHouse is now disabled by default)
- Made the LeaveEngineOnWhenExitingVehicles option more similar to GTA:IV's

- Enable friendly fire
- Allow player to jack friendly peds vehicles
- Allows enemies that hit the player's weapon (or hands) to disarm the player, similar to RDR and GTA:IV
- Sprint inside interiors
      - Works in b1180 & later, but doesn't in b372. Don't know in between
- Allow weapons inside safehouse
      - Could (and probably will) break some story missions, but shouldn't otherwise have problems in normal freeroam
- Toggle walking for first person by pressing (and not holding) the sprint button (X on PS / A on XBOX)
- Disable the replay recording feature completely

Player Vehicle:
- Disable mid-air car controls and the ability to rotate the player's vehicle while stuck/upside down
- Disable the automatic explosion after the players vehicle collides with something at high speeds
- Disable engine fire/smoke
- Leave engine on when exiting vehicle unless the player keeps the exit vehicle button pressed for 250ms. Similar to GTA:IV
- Disable the auto-centering of the player vehicle's wheels on exit.
      - While this is universally compatible, it could cause some issues with mission vehicles. Disable if necessary
- Block player from entering ragdoll when standing on car roofs
      - The max speed the player can reach before entering ragdoll is customizable inside the INI
- Disable the forced jump out when entering a water body with a bike (player will still jump out if completely submerged)

- Block peds from entering the "writhe" state and consequently dying
- Block peds from entering the "hurt" state when shot while standing and consequently dying (or entering writhe)
      - Should be enabled in tandem with "DisableWritheWhenInjured", makes shootouts last much longer
- Allow enemies that hit the ped's weapon (or hands) to disarm the ped
- Allow mission peds to be damaged by other entities' and not only the player
- Make (most) sitting peds behave normally when shot, instead of dying instantly
- Disable dead peds from jumping out of the vehicle they are in


If you find a bug leave a comment and I'll try to fix it, feedback is always appreciated.
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