ECO Start-Stop System V2


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  • Required:
  • ScripthookV
  • ScriptHookVDotNet

  • Information:
    ECO Start-Stop System,
    The system efficiently manages the internal combustion engine by automatically turning it off and on, minimizing idle time. As a result, it not only conserves fuel but also decreases emissions. This feature is especially beneficial for vehicles that frequently encounter situations where they have to wait at traffic lights or come to a halt in traffic congestion.

    Version 1
    - Cleaned and improved the code to work on the latest version of the game.
    - Added a option to keep the lights on while the engine is off.

    Changes from Version 1
    - Cleaned up the code.
    - Now the Vehicle Lights & Radio stay active when the engine shuts off.

    Known Bugs and Issues:
    - unfortunately because of a unknown reason, when you start the game you have to get in a vehicle and reload the script. just once!
    after that you can just play the game and enjoy the mod!!

    ( fast way to reload the scripts while in game = inside the ScriptHookVDotNet.ini, you can set the ReloadKey to a button, example ReloadKey=Insert
    or when ingame Click F4 Type: Reload() and hit enter.

    You have to do this just once when you just started the game, i do not know why this happens and it sucks. but at least now everything works.

    i used the open source Vehicle Lights Always On script from: stillhere
    to enable the vehicle lights when the engine is turned off.
  • Vehicle Lights Always On by: stillhere
  • A BIG THANKS to: stillhere i learned a lot from you back in the day's and my mods are always open source because of you, like you said maybe someone can learn from my code and start making mods :D
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