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Updated to v2
I'd make a 2 versions of the file - one with screen effect, another - without. If you have some problems with screen effect or just don't like it - install the version without screen effect!

Mod makes all shootouts and fight more hardcore and realistic. Now any NPC can kill you with 1 hit or 1 shot, just like you are them.

With this mod you'll have a chance to fall and bleed to death.
If you're wearing armor - you cannot get a critical hit.
Standart chance of critical hit is 42%.
You can configure mod by open it in any txt editor and change first 2 lines.

chance = 42 | Means that with 42% chance you'll get a critical hit.
mindamage = 5 | Means that you need to get minimum 5 HP damage to start random for critical chance.

You need to have a Script Hook V and LUA.asi plugin for it.
Put the mod in GTAV/scripts/addins
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