Car Beam Control [LUA] 1.1

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Car Beam Control is a lua script made for the xbox controller only
and the controllers based on the xbox like razer blade saborbooth.

Have you ever wanted to strobe your car head lights just like in real life ?
with the high beams coming up only when a button is held ?
now you can with this lua script.

1.generic cinematic camera is disable [red B button] and replaced with the high beam control.
2.lights are always on, whether it's day or night, with high beams enabled even at day time.
3. high beams functionality with the [arrow right pad] is still functional, but lights cannot be turned off.
4. [red B button] is to be held and not an on off switch
5. added some features with the [green A button + red B button] to fix the car and clean it, set the car to the maximum parts as [turbo,limo window tint,black and yellow plate with the text "2SW33T4U",xenon headlight,max engine, max brakes, max transmission and max armor]
6. hitting the break button [LT] or the handbrake button [RB] will turn on the hazard lights as long as they are held.
7. on the keyboard Page UP and Page Down, will roll up or roll down the couple front windows.

thats about all for now.
if u use keyboard plz comment with specific keys so i can mod the script to work with the keyboard.
the plate text and shape are easily modifiable, if u don't know how, just ask with the plate shape and text and ill reply with a modified script.

also this is my first script to be released so be nice :)
im looking forward to update the script as soon as someone finds a bug.

-no known bugs for now.

to install :
you need Asi script hook V from :
and lua plugin from

copy the carbeambontrol.lua to the addins folder inside the scripts folder
for me its :
"Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins"

best of luck and have fun ..

remapped the other features key from only A to A+B, to prevent convertibles roof flickers when ducking or using drift script.
initial release

to do:
add keyboard support with custom keys of your choice.
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