Captain America Script Mod 2.4


If you have issues, please make sure you installed the shield properly and that you are using the latest ScripthookV.Net.

Script Communicator Menu (Optional)

Thanks and credits to:
Z@gor for editing, optimizing, and converting the shield to GTA V (not the one shown in the picture though!).
Meestal_Richard for adding collision to the shield model and converting to an add-on. Also, beta testing :D
LeeC2202 for his wisdom :)
JDHauser for the photo :)

- Aim your shield and throw it in any direction!
- Equip the shield and enable Captain America powers by pressing "i" on your keyboard (you can change the key in the .ini file).
- The shield will immediately return to you after hitting an opponent or a vehicle.
- If you miss, you must wait a certain number of seconds (Default: 6 seconds) before the shield returns back to you.
- If after 20 seconds your shield hasn't returned to you (ex: you threw it too far or it got stuck somewhere), you must go find and pick up your shield manually or spawn a new shield.
- You can pick up the shield manually by standing close to it and pressing the Sprint key/button.
- You can edit a few aspects of the mod with the included .ini file.

New in version 2.0
New video for version 2.0: Click here.
- Charging star attack: press the regular melee button to do a hard tackle!
- Deflect: press the light melee attack button (R on keyboard, B on Xbox gamepad) to deflect rockets, grenades, etc. You can also damage peds and vehicles.
- Quick recover: when in ragdoll, press Sprint or Jump to quickly exit the ragdoll state. Doing this when too high off the ground will still hurt you!
- Block: press the Stealth button to enter this mode. In this mode, you hold the shield close to your face to prevent headshots. Also, you will not ragdoll from explosions, but you will still take some damage.
- You are now given 4000 health (configurable) when you enable the mod.
- You will run slightly faster than a normal ped and also jump higher.
- You can do combat rolls! Hold Aim + Jump then press a direction on the keyboard (WASD) or gamepad left stick.
- Throw your shield while on a motorcycle! Just select the "fist" and hold aim to aim your shield, then press the Attack/Shoot button to throw it!
- Now you will throw your shield in slow motion if you hold down the Throw key!
- Added shield effects! Configurable in the ini file.
- New targetting system! And much better hit detection :)
- The shield will now curve towards enemies you target! You can control how much curve force is applied to the shield in the ini file.
- Much less chance of your shield getting stuck somewhere.
- One last thing: you can enter the weapon name of any weapon you want to throw in the ini file. This will only work with weapons that have collision in the model, unfortunately.

New in version 2.0.1
- You can slightly control your ragdoll state with the WASD keyboard keys or the left stick on a gamepad.
- Made the deflecting of Ironman's rockets actually deflect for the most part. It's still not perfect though, since both scripts are fighting for control of the rocket haha. But I will continue working on it!
- Regular rockets, missiles, grenades, etc. can now be deflected towards a ped or vehicle you are targetting with the Aim key. This will only work if you are facing in the general direction of the target AND aiming your camera in that same general direction.
- You can adjust the jumping force in the ini settings
- You can disable the slow motion aim ability in the ini settings
- Fixed a small ini reading issue

New in version 2.2
New video for version 2.2: Click here.
- The mod toggle key must now be pressed while holding CTRL. E.g. CTRL + i to enable the mod.
- Now has a menu to toggle the mod and change ini settings while in-game. Default keys is CTRL + i.
- Multi-Targetting system: hold the Aim key and the Shield Throw key and move your mouse over peds/vehicles to select up to 4 targets! Once you throw the shield, the shield will go towards the direction of the camera, but if it hits something, it will continue to hit the other targets before returning to you.
- Better deformation damage on vehicles. Now it is much easier to disable a vehicle with your shield or special/melee attacks.
- Melee combos! Press the Attack key to deal a quick hit to the nearest ped or vehicle. Press or hold the Attack key to use multiple hits in quick succession to "juggle" the peds.
- New Special Attack: Ground Smash! Press T (on keyboard) or Dpad Down (on gamepads) to switch between your special attacks: Charging Star/Tackle attack, or Ground Smash. Then hold Aim and press the Attack key to use it. For the Ground Smash, keep the Aim key held down to go into slow motion.
- Lift peds and certain vehicles! Default key is E (on keyboard), or Dpad Right (on gamepads)
- New shield cover animation. Now covers your face much better.
- Tank mode/shield cover now blocks any attack that would put you into ragdoll. That includes super-powered punches from the Flash, Hulk, Superman, etc. Press the Stealth key to activate this mode.
- Faster running speeds! Completely configurable through the menu or ini.
- To change weapons in the ini, you no longer need to include the "WEAPON_" part of the name. So it is now just CAPSHIELD if you want to use the included add-on shield (this is the default). If you want to use the nightstick for example, then you would write NIGHTSTICK.

New in version 2.3
- The included shield by Z@gor now has bullet-blocking collision! Credits to Joe Gillian for doing it :) If you are updating from a previous version of this mod, you must replace the old "capshield" folder with the new one included in this version.
- Bullet deflecting! While in Tank mode, bullets that hit your shield will be deflected in front of you. You can also hold the Aim key and target an entity, causing some bullets to be deflected towards the entity!
- Shield throwing and Charging Star attack now usable in air. Thanks to sollaholla for sharing how :)
- Fixed some bugs regarding the Super Speed ability. Also made it a bit easier to maintain sprinting speed for gamepad users.
- Added multiple profile support. For example, you can have a "Winter Soldier" profile and a "Captain America" profile, each with their own settings. I have included two example profiles. To add a new one, simply create a new .ini file (or copy an existing one and rename it) in the "Captain America Files" folder. The name of the ini file is the name that will show up in the menu.
- You can now save your current Ped model or currently held Weapon to a profile through the in-game menu. Be aware that weapons that have no collision still cannot be thrown!
- You can now use the in-game menu to adjust the position and rotation of your weapon when it is attached to your back.
- The control settings has been moved from the CapShieldThrow.ini file to the /Captain America Files/Controls.cfg file. CapShieldThrow.ini is no longer used.

New in version 2.4
- Added more settings such as striking power, falling height threshold, and combat roll speed.
- Added some melee and shield hit effects.
- Made the shield miss less..?
- Some other minor tweaks, fixes and requests since last update.
- Oh yeah, Ally and Enemy features!!! :)

Default controls for keyboard+mouse
Hold the Aim key (right-click) then press X to throw the shield.

Default controls for Gamepad
Hold the Aim/Target button then press the Cover button (RB on xbox, R1 on playstation) to throw the shield.

Installation - First time install:
Make sure you have the requirements installed properly first.
1. Drag the "scripts" folder into your GTA 5 installation directory (same folder where GTA5.exe is located).
2. Launch OpenIV and select Grand Theft Auto 5 Windows.
3. Go to Tools -> ASI Manager and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI if you haven't already.
4. Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks and place the "capshield" folder in there.
5. Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and extract the "dlclist.xml" that you will find there.
6. Open the dlclist.xml with a text editor and insert this line:


Make sure it lines up with all the other DLC and Add-ons you have installed.
7. Save the file and put it back into the same directory you got it from, overwriting the old one.
8. Now the shield is installed. Press CTRL + "i" to toggle the menu, where you can enable the powers and spawn the shield.

If updating from a previous version:
Replace the previous CapShieldThrow.dll with the new one. Also place the "Captain America Files" folder to your scripts folder. The shield model has been updated in version 2.3, which adds bullet-blocking collision to the shield; replace your old capshield folder with the new one if you want better bullet-blocking.
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