Alien Invasion War 3.0.1


- Bug fix: Akula pilots will fly directly off the battlefield rather than into battle
- The war will not be stopped after the player dies.
- Add Menacer to Army.

[Bug fix]
- An issue that caused the script to crash.
- Aliens can speak the language of the earth. :(
- An issue that caused fewer and fewer units.
- Blips display error after helicopter landing.
- Several other bugs.
[Optimization and improvement]
- Improve script stability.
- Rewrite spawning units mechanism.
- Rewrite mechanism for handling dead bodies and wreckage.
- Aliens can use laser weapons and Up-n-Atomizer.
- Add more vehicles to army(akula, hunter, barrage, halftrack, khanjali, scarab, vetir, nightshark, winky, squaddie, verus, zhaba).
- Add Mk2 weapons to army.
- Add more vehicles to Police(police, police2, police4, policet, riot2, sheriff2).
- The officers will wear body armor.
- Add FIB response unit.
- Add FIB SWAT response unit.
- Add Mercenary response unit.
- Change the Blips of police units to distinguish them from military units.
- Adjust Fire rate of Juggernauts and aliens.
- APC with the SAM Battery will attack ufo.
- A Juggernaut without Helmet can be shot in the head.
- The helicopter will fly more smoothly after the player enters the vehicle.
- Hunter will use missiles to attack aliens.
- When all the attackers on the helicopter die, the pilot will fly away from the battlefield.
- Changed Menu font.
- Allow to change the alien's model in the ini file.
- Allow to change and add military model in ini file.
- Bodyguard function returns.
- Allow player to join one side.
- After joining one side, the player's blood will be removed automatically when his body armor is full.
- Add Wanted criminals function, allowing military units to actively pursue criminals.
- When the player is in a vehicle, the position of the alien will be highlighted for easy aiming.
- Teleport function, Teleport the player directly below the UFO for escaping.

- Added Juggernaut team to army.
- Adjust Noose pilot AI.
- Fixed bug: player can't get into a army heli.

- Added a new function called "Get into a vehicle", which can let player get into a army vehicle as a passenger so that player can use the stock weapon of APC and so on when the driver is driving.
- Now UFO has two mode:In the "move" mode, the UFO will move to your waypoint when the waypoint is exist.
- Added more APC and savage to army.
- Added more models and weapons to army.
- I deleted some functions temporarily to prepare for future updates.
- Some details adjustment.

This script can create a war between aliens and army.

Add the .dll and .ini files from the rar to the scripts folder.

Press B(default) to open AlienInvasion Menu.

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
- ScriptHookV 1.0.2245.0 or greater
- Script Hook V .NET 3.1.0
- NativeUI 1.9.1
- Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 x64
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