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What can be said about the Los Santos Vagos that hasn't been said before? They are the most consistently powerful Latino street gang to come of this cesspit of a city. Their reputation for vicious beatings and abrupt shootings is only matched for their intense love for low riders and cheap beer. The Vagos have their hands in any and every type of crime imaginable is Los Santos, from drug dealing, illegal street races and gun running to break ins and of course grand theft auto. With the Vagos's alliance to Varrios Los Aztecas they are they are easily the most dangerous gang in the city, and crime will continue to flourish in this city.

This mod includes new textures for hoodies, t-shirts, windshirts, shoes, shorts and bandanas.

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No Bugs.

Install Instructions:
Big Hoodie, Letterman Jacket, Sideways Hat, Fitted Hat (Male+Female)

Flannels, Basketball Jersey, Mechanic Shirt, Low Shorts, Baggy Chinos

Long Basketball Shorts (Male)

Franklin Shirt, Franklin Shoes (Male+Female)

Hoodie (Male+Female)

Loose T-Shirt (Male+Female)

Snapback Hat (Male+Female)

Bandana Mask (Male+Female)
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