Fire Dept of Liberty City EUP Pack V 4.0

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"Feel The Burn"

"Ah, Liberty City, a city where greed, sloth, pride, arrogance, and corruption all tie together into 4 different boroughs with it's own set of problems. This is no different for its many government agencies, who all share it's load of corruption and greed. The Fire Department of Liberty City is no different, but that doesn't stop its men, women, and nonbinaries from putting on the uniform and helping to save lives and protect property, even when it's not convenient for them. Put on their uniform and experience a job like no other."
-FDLC Ad in 2012

1) Major texture upgrade to HQ uniforms, more space but higher quality for in game use
2) ALL patches have been given a facelift courtesy of Patch Maker Tool!
3) Sweaters, Arson, OCME jackets and everything else not included in 3.0 has been added!
4) Radio straps and SCBA packs have been given a more FDNY-esque look
5) Both genders have the same type of uniforms, no longer will one have more than the other!
6) Tactical EMS has arrived! FDLC Rescue Task Force and MS Tac Medics are here for your high risk calls!
7) DERO LC-TF1 gets a few goodies with a tactical helmet and tactical shirt for use in rescue situations


Hello everyone, my name is Redneck, and this is the FDLC EUP Pack for GTA V. Now, you can live out your GTA IV fantasy of fighting fires with the FDLC or doing CPR wearing that neat MS Paramedic Jacket for your MP character ped!
Thank y'all for downloading the mod and please check out other LC mods that have been released.

1) Open the FDLC Pack once its downloaded.
2) Read the README, and make sure you have EUP Law and Order & Serve and Rescue downloaded (YDD files are included if you do not wish to use vanilla EUP.)
3) Open OIV and put our GTA V SP EUP folders in. Make sure both are up.
4) Open the FDLC Pack unzipped.
5) Using both OIV EUP and FDLC EUP, drag and drop each YDD and YTD file from the FDLC folders into their prospective folders in the EUP L&O/S&R folders. (If you are using FiveM just open each FDLC folder and drag and drop in the eup stream folder to replace, unless you want to make them addons. If so, drag and drop at the bottom of the folder.)
6) Go to Seths Fire helmet download page and download his modpack.
7) Drag and replace everything in his pack with FDLC textures.
8) Load up either SP or FiveM and Enjoy!


Class A, B, C uniforms for FDLC, COLP/MS Paramedic, LC OCME, Private EMS (names included based off of hit TV show "Rescue Me" and "Bringing Out the Dead" movie)
FDNY-esque job shirt textures (EMT winter jacket with textures)
Black Turnouts styled like the FDNY
Tan Turnouts for FDLC EMS
2 Textures for the Black and Tan Turnouts
6 FDNY-esque helmet textures (Probationary, Regular, Squad, LT, Captain, Battalion chief)
4 High Command FDLC Helmets (Chiefs)
Station T shirts (each station based off the IRL version of their respective number)
FDLC Support T Shirt
2 Black Polo Shirt Textures
2 Fire Marshal's uniform (black polo and windbreaker)
3 Rain Jackets
3 LC Parks & Recreation Lifeguard Polos
Light Jacket (DERO, MS Paramedics, FDLC EMS and FDLC)
8 Sweaters for Cold Weather
6 Lore LC Hospital Nametapes
3 Windbreakers (FDLC Foundation, LC OCME, OFI) for M/F
Tactical EMS Uniforms

If you want to join my discord where I will post other EUP texture packs, here is the link:

Thanks to Celestine for letting me use her LC test server to get screenshots and clothing checks.
Also BIIIIIG thanks to Sethy1124 for him letting me use his traditional fire helmet as base for the 6 textures included in the pack. Please go over to his mod below and download it.

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