Estella [Add-On Ped] 3.0 (crash fix)


Estella is a simple ped, with simplified facial movements and a single outfit. She was created for a week-long project that is now over, so I thought I'd share.

---- UPDATES ----
Version 1.0 - original version
Version 2.0 - shorter forehead
Version 3.0 - crash fixed

---- KNOWN BUGS ---

Sometimes, when you spawn her, heir hairline and lashes do not show up due to their texture being alpha. You may need to update it by going to the wardrobe and updating the ped.



Place the whole FIVEM folder within your server's RESOURCES folder, rename it to "LIANA_YAEstella" and add "ensure LIANA_YAEstella" on your server.cfg file. To set the ped to a particular person, you need to have a skin shop script, but the usual command for that is "/skin ID "nameofskin"


Requirements: AddonPeds by Meth0d

- Using OpenIV, put all files into GTAV>mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>addonpeds>dlc.rpf>peds.rpf
- Run AddonPeds (Run as admin)
- Click "New Ped" input the name "LIANA_YAEstella"
- Set Ped Type to "Female" and Is streamed "False".
- press REBUILD.
- Done!

My discord:


3d model put together by me using base game assets and The Sims 4 custom content from the following creators:

Hair by Aurum
Top by (????)
Jeans by Savage Sims
Makeup by Sagittariah
Body skin by Slephora
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