Dutch Emergency Uniforms 7.3

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!!!PC ONLY!!!
Dutch uniforms mod - poepsnol38

New version includes:
Update 7.2
troubleshoot & readme batch files
New model & textures for Highway Police (motorcycle cop)
New model & textures for Female Ranger
New model & textures for Firefighter
New textures for marine 1
New textures for marine 2
New textures for marine 3
New textures for paramedic
New Props for US Coast guard
Automatic Installer removed
Walther P99 added again (Credits to Jridah)
Loadouts.meta file added for extra realism
Simplified the install to have only 2 installable files

All police peds retextured
New pedprops for all police peds
Includes 4K textures
Specular Maps for all units (reflection on certain materials)
Normal/Bump Maps for all units (depth on clothing)
The script allowes the belt to be put on wrong via numpad 3, 7, and 9.
Full Changelog included

Installation Requires OpenIV


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