Dc's Aquaman and Black Manta [Add-On Ped] 1.0


One of my favorite characters ever, two of them actually ahah

It includes Aquaman, Black Manta and Manta's Goon.

Aquaman has
New 52 (Default)
First Apparance
Barracuda (From BTBATB)
and MarmaidMan from Spongebob

a Beaded face and Long hair as option.

Black Manta has
New 52 (default)
Hero black Manta from BTBATB
ManRay from Spongebob

The Goon has
Modern and Classic Style

Aquaman's skin wouldn't have been possibile without

All I did for Aquaman was fix the colors, add bumpmaps and make it an addon.


Install instruction:

1. Download the basic requirement:
Add on peds selector:
Script hook V:
Script hook V donet:

2. Download the model

3. Put the files in the zip in here


4. add it on the list in addonpeds (remember this is a streamed ped)

5. Ingame press L if you have the selector or Open Menyoo ( go to "player options>change models>favorites>addmodel" write in the name of the model

6. Enjoyy
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