UH-1D Iroquois Huey Skin Pack (Outdated & Discontinued) 1.1


OUTDATED. For New high quality skins, Make your way to Huey Skin pack II AKA The Huey Project

Skins For SkylineGTRFreak's UH-1D and UH-1D Gunship.

This is my first time doing textures for Vehicles so the skins may seem unpolished.


1. Open OpenIV and find the Models for whatever Huey you are applying the skins to.
The slick and medvac should be located in:
mods> update> x64> dlcpacks> mpheist> dlc.rpf> x64> levels> gta5> vehicles> mpheistvehicles.rpf

The Gunship should be located in:
mods> update> x64e.rpf> levels> gta5> vehicles.rpf

2. Scroll down to the Texture dictionary and Double click the YTD file. (not right click to edit) Make sure you have edit mode on.

3. Find the Textures for the Body and tail of the Huey.

4. Click the Texture file to highlight it. (Should have a blue box around it)

5. Click replace which as at the top left on the screen.

6. Go to the folder with Huey skins and click on the one you want to replace the normal one and click save.

7. Now repeat the same thing but now for the tail of the huey.

8. done!

This pack includes:
-First Air Calvary Skins
-7th Calvary Skins
-Medvac Skins
-Graffiti Skins

-Added Army skins for the slick and gunship.
-Added a Graffiti skin for the gunship.
-Added a Graffiti skin for the 7th Calvary slick.
-Added a Graffiti skin for the Medvac.

I plan to make USAF, USMC and other skins in the future.
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