Truth Reshade Preset Pack V.2


Truth Reshade Preset Pack

All Screenshots were taken by me & a friend who made all of these Presets

Feel Free to give your Feedback in the Comments or in the Discord Down Below

We have a new (NVE Only) Reshade Pack NOW!!

These Presets were made with NVE & QuantV together.
You can also use these Reshade Presets with the new NVE update for Reshade. Has been tested and confirmed it works

There is 5 Reshade Presets for NVE & QuantV mixed together feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Discord Server

This is the Discord Server For Suggestions & everything for Truth Preset

Installation Process

1. Install mose recent update of Reshade.

2. Run the Reshade.exe & make sure that u check mark everything when installing it.

3. Make a "preset" Folder in your Gta V Directory & drag and drop the preset u selected in there (Just the .ini not the Picture).

Presets Available In The Pack

1. California Real Preset (Pretty much like Cali. orange tint with nice coloring)

2. Chill & Frosty Preset (Cold Color Blueish tint)

3. Dark Filmic Preset (Darkish Tint smooth darkened lighting for a filmic style)

4. Earthy Preset (The name says it all colorful & nice coloring and lighting)

5. PhotoRealistic Preset (Like taking photos here u go!)

6. BorderLands Preset [Fun] (Adds a Borderland effect to your game)

7. Cyber Preset (Like Cyberpunk try this Preset [Looks The Best At Night Time])

8. Miami Preset (Changes The Color's Like Miami [Good For Taking Picture On The Water])

9. Vibrance Preset (Adds Vibrance To Your Game & A Touch Of Different Coloring)

10. Old Fashion [Fun] (Adds a Black & White Effect To Your Game)

Update Log:

    - (V.1) First Version (Looking For Suggestions & Feedback)

    - (V.2) Second Version (Added 5 more Presets) (Also fixed some bugs with last 5 Presets) [Look Above For The New Presets Added]

    We are not at fault if your game crashes Feel free to DM on Discord @ Awesome1eliYT7105 if you have any questions!

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