ReShade ENB preset realistic 4.0


Changelog Version 4:
darker sunrise, brighter day, car visibility, different adaption for less adaption effect but with amplified sky blue, fixed debanding was applying on full screen (see LSC cammera stutter).
Changelog Version 3:
used effects:
CMMA_2, CAS, AdaptiveSharpen, LumaSharpen, Clarity, Vibrance, Curves, PD80_01B_RT_Correct_Color, PD80_04_Color_Temperature, Deband, qUINT_rtgi, FGFXLargeScalePerceptualObscuranceIrradiance, FakeHDR, MultiLUT (with included LUT texture 4 (Hollywood)), qUINT_lightroom.

I added several effects and configured them to have very little effect as they all alter some brightness or darkness and FakeHDR would look ugly with default setting.
You might play with these settings and fix off brightness with another effect setting.
FakeHDR can have some hard to describe shader magic difficult to set, NVE has much shader magic.
The ENB spotlight settings that would fix the nightclub dancing area and streets light cones would overbright daylight exposured interiours and overbright a car in LSC.
I made nights bright enough to spot enemies in GTA Online.
ENB magenta glitching on some elements (like some clothing) in the night is not fixed yet, I still don´t know, what causes it.
Lightroom amplifies some colours individually to make them close to vanilla once again (UI bars, car colours, skies) and not undersaturated.
Changelog Version 2: configured deband.fx, added ENB preset, brighter in artificial lighted interiours and less dark outside in the night.

The preset aims to fix the yellowish vanilla tint without just making it too blue
and sharpening surfaces and details without grain noise.

I use the preset along with "Real L.A. Night ENB Series Config 1.0" ENB from MrGTAmodsgerman (now modified) online and in vanilla story mode. ENB is not required for this, but it can further enhance.

Put the ReShadePreset.ini into the game root and set its path ingame or using the ReShade setup. ReShade is downloadable from,
Run it,
select DirectX11,
Tick these repositories in the ReShade setup:
"SweetFX by"
"qINT by Marty McFly"
"Color Effects by prod80"
"FGFX by AlexTuduran"
"OtisFX by Otis Inf"
and tick off effects you do not want to install.
If you have the rtgi effect installed, enable show fps and adjust the two options that go from 0-20 to your desired fps. Of course the ReShade preset can work without rtgi and still does something.

Effects used:
FXAA, adaptive sharpen, Luma sharpen, Clarity, Vibrance, Curves, prod80 04 ColorTemperature, prod80 01B RT Correct Color, rtgi,

Deband.fx is configured (against sky banding artifacts), several value changes.
ENB for GTA V is downloadable from
drop the enbseries folder, the fx files and the ini files and the dll files in the game root.
Check the path for the preset and the key combination for the gui in enblocal.ini.
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