Not Todaaay! No Explosion Blur - Lifelike Explosions & Fire Damage 7.0


I said naw, what!?
I got my three kids and we bounced out!
Nah awww we aint gonna be in no fire, NOT TODAAAY!
You asked for it, now you got it! Explosions have no blur. Still camera shake depending on your settings. Enjoy beautiful destruction how its meant to be seen!

Mod Changes:
(fixed Molotov disappearing)
Car, Truck and Bike explosions now move the vehicle
*doesnt go flying*
Changed some values to sizes of explosions
Fire tweeked a bit to match more realism

Added new effects to car and bike explosions
Some values changed to the FX sizes
Slowed down the Explosion Speeds to 18 for the following:
Bikes, Cars, Trucks, & Planes
Rocket speed decrease: 42
Tankshell decrease: 55
(mostly for slow motion gameplay)

Fuel acts a bit differently on pavement
Now less intense on the concrete more focused on the car flames
Car metal is less flammable
Fire on cars now burn for 23 seconds!
*any problems with this please report here!

Some explosion_Fx changes due to popular demand!
Molotov's now have smoke fx added
Adjusted Proper levels of burn time for vehicle types
(ex.Plane fires will burn longer)
(ex. Tanker fires will burn further, but not as long)
Added Train explosion smoke
Added RPG/Tankshell explosion smoke

Some heavy weapon damages lowered. (g-nade launcher vs. heli = 2 hits sometimes)
Weapon speeds lowered. (mostly for Slow-mo gameplay)*input needed!
Worked on explosion radius' (adjusted to all lifelike values)*input needed!
G-nades, Sticky Bombs, & Molotov's now have smoke effect added!
Also, added after-explosion smoke effects to:
Trucks, Trains, & Tankers.(cars & bikes had in v1)
Car metal smoulders for 17 secs not 9
Car plastics burn for 11 not 5 seconds
Complete rework of ped body vs fire.
Strenght of fire on body parts added!
Lenght of conflict with fire on body extended.
Dead bodies smoulder for 15 seconds.
Puddles & water negate fires!

Metals now burn longer.
Car metals burn even longer.(from 1 second to now 9 seconds)
Car plastics burn even longer.(from 1 second to now 5 seconds)
Complete redo of firefx and explosionfx
Ragdoll and damage changes.

Fire Hydrant damage and ragdoll fixed.
Molotov fuel increased.

real explosion radius'(ragdolls)
(some weapons still need work and fine tuning)
*** this is up to the community and their feedback!***
tuned damage accurately depending on ammunition.
fire now hurts, spreads, ands affects vehicles objects and peds.
fire time is longer, burns differently according to material.
water hydrants now hurt you!
Cars/Planes/Bikes/Trucks/Trains/Tankers and Hi Octane now explodes attached entity.

Comment, like, and rate please, community feed back is what keeps it alive.
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