No Fog | Noise | Chromatic (Mod Community Graphics)


"MOD Community Graphics v1 by ubtri"
(my youtube | my facebook).

Make a backup of your update.rpf file! Swap the backup with the modded file when you want to play Online!

Update: Fixed underwater brightness problem! Also, please rate this mod page! I appreciate it!

This is version 1, my first attempt! My first upload of it quickly evolved due to community feedback into something a bit different so please check it out if you still want a little fog in the far distance!

Video Demonstration of the "No Fog" version!

So, what files did I edit?
  • I dived into visualsettings.dat and tinkered with a few things. Notably I increased rain particles (about +4k) and the minimum size for ripple effect as well as increased the range that DoF takes effect, reduced it's low valye to 0.05 and medium to 0.40 to help compensate for the lack of fog. There is no tampering with Tonemap or anything else too specific, making this mod very SweetFX / ReShade friendly
  • I edited all 4 timecycle files. I focused on a few things. Extending farclip, disabling fog, noise & chromatic aberration for all scenes & locations in the game
  • I nullified all fog_density, postfx_noise & "chrom" values in most weather files ("Fog" and various "Snow" types are untouched)

  • This mod requires a little OpenIV knowledge!

  • Use Edit Mode with the latest version of OpenIV
  • In your /update/ folder, Open "update.rpf"
  • Open the "common" folder within, then open the /data/ folder
  • Scroll down and click once on "visualsettings.dat", open a menu over the file and select REPLACE
  • Browse to my download, which you should have (by now) extracted the files to somewhere on your desktop; select my visualsettings.dat file, and replace the one in OpenIV
  • Continue these steps to replace the timecycle and weather files. timecycle_mods_2 is not in the update.rpf file, just add it into the same folder as the one's you are replacing! Anything in update.rpf will override common.rpf
  • Navigate to OpenIV's File tab, select REBUILD; When finished click "Okay!"

  • Start Game and enjoy!

    As I may be making updates, I only ask of you to credit me (ubtri) with a link to this page (or to ), but please feel free to distribute these files or even branch your work off of mine!
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