Law Enforcement Improvements 2.0


We've teamed up to bring the GTA V community a massive reworking of the game's cops. From ped models to cars, we aim to make this the most enjoyable experience possible.

We also thought it would be nice to have a collection that people could download, instead of having to sift through hundreds of mods.


What does this mod include?
Well, I'm glad you asked! As of right now we've combined

  • Revised Deputies - Olanov [2.0]

  • Provides a more rural alternate for the sheriff's deputies. Includes two hat textures.

  • NOOSE: Patriotism & Immigration Authority Pack - Unmutual [2.0]

  • Brings the fun of mass incarceration and mass surveillance to Los Santos! Prepare to have your freedom restricted in the name of national security. Includes two new peds and two new vehicles.

  • The Sixth Star 2.1 - Custo [1.9]

  • Reworks the wanted level to provide a more classic GTA experience. Additional information can be found in the readme provided. Lots of big changes with this one, more emergency vehicles spawn and so do more models!

  • Added SAHP Vehicles - Netman [1.9]

  • Adds Netman's new SAHP cars to the game, The Sixth Star has support for their spawning in the game's wanted level. Support for natural spawning on freeways to follow in an forthcoming update.

  • Added LSPD Detectives - Olanov [1.9]

  • Adds Olanov's new detectives to the wanted level and streets of Los Santos. Includes optional popgroups and popcycle to have them spawn in traffic.

  • Cops: Back on the Beat 2.0 - Olanov [1.7]

  • Updated popcycle that sets cops, deputies, highway patrolmen, and Yankton Troopers to roam around and spawn in traffic, much like GTA IV.

  • Improved LED lights - Netman [1.1]

  • Fixes the LED light bars that R* forgot to update, applies to police, police4, sheriff, and sheriff+hi

  • All White Sheriff2 - Unmutual

  • Replaces Sheriff2's black and white livery with one that's all white.

  • Improved LSPD Females - Olanov [1.7.2]

  • Uniforms now match their male counterparts. Now un-fucked R* coloring her arms black.

  • Improved LSPD Males - Netman/Olanov [1.7.1]

  • Uniforms now have matching badges (much higher quality as well)
    Officers now use proper nametags.

  • Improved SAHP Officers - Olanov/Netman [1.7]

  • Uniforms now have the San Andreas Highway Patrol patch from the 360 version of GTA V. Now includes support for Michael and Trevor's singleplayer uniforms.

  • Improved PoliceB - Netman [1.3]

  • PoliceB (Police Bike) now has a proper SAHP livery on it.

  • Old Nightstick - Unmutual [1.4]

  • Gives the nightstick a non-stickered texture. Why R* made that the standard is beyond me.

  • Non-Clipping police.ytd - Unmutual [1.4]

  • Adds a non-clipping texture to police.ytd, "Obey & Survive" should be readable now.


    #1. Will I get banned for using this?
    No, you will not get banned so long as you have all the proper bypasses in place.

    #2. Can I use a different dispatch.meta?
    YES YES YES Of course! You don't have to use everything we've included, if you want to pick and choose, feel free to. We aren't sticking a gun to your head and saying "ughhh you have to use our mods!" Feel free to use whatever you'd like with this mod.

    #3. I have the disc version of the game and I keep having to verify my files, what should I do?
    Block the game with your firewall.

    #4. Can you guys please add in [INSERT SOMETHING NEW HERE]
    Going into this, we knew we couldn't please everyone. However, we make sure to read all of the comments you guys post and take your suggestions into consideration. The fact of the matter is, there's still some stuff we can't do! GTA V modding is still in its infancy and we won't be able to do more of the advanced stuff until OpenIV is ready.

    #5. Can you please remove "X" Portion of the mod?
    Well... No... Because someone else might want them. You don't have to install everything we've included! All of these mods work independently.


    We've individually packaged this mod so that you can add in what you want. Perhaps you want to use a different dispatch.meta? No problem, you don't have to install the one we've provided! We realize some of this is confusing and we've tried to individually pack everything so that you guys can customize and install with ease.

    There are also readmes included with each individual mod, so installation shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    In the end, we're just a group of guys who want to make a few changes to the game. We'll continue to update this file as we roll out new fixes and changes.

    Hope you enjoy!
    - Unmutual, Olanov, Netman, Custo

    Big special thanks to RM76 for all of the development support. We really appreciate it.



    UPDATE 2.0 - Now includes Olanov's revised deputies and Unmutual's NOOSE pack.

    UPDATE 1.9 - Now includes updated versions of The Sixth Star and Olanov's Added Detectives. As well as Netman's new, added SAHP cars.

    UPDATE 1.8 - Now includes Olanov's added Detectives and The Sixth Star 2.0. FIB agents now use all clothing and have the correct speeches.

    UPDATE 1.7.2 - Shortly after adding the new unit numbers to Police3, R* brought them back into the game via official patch (we've removed our version). They also made "improvements" to S_F_Y_COP; we use the term "improvements" lightly. So, we've had to change our readmes up so you guys can find the proper place to put these files.

    UPDATE 1.7.1 - Now includes additional ranks and patches for M_Y_COP, including a C.R.A.S.H variation for all you GTA SA fans out there. These are not replacements, these are additional textures. You can use the Endevour Trainer to load them on yourself. Word of warning though, the OpenIV dev team has yet to crack the .ymt encryption so these new patches and uniform textures will not spawn on peds. Yet. Once this becomes available we will roll out an update to support it. For now, think of it like you're preloading a mod.
    Netman has also fixed Police3, it now uses more unit numbers than 32.

    UPDATE 1.7 - Now includes proper SAHP patches for single player characters and the long awaited update to Cops: Back on the Beat. Expect to see naturally patrolling LSPD cops in the City, Sheriff's Deputies in the country, SAHP guys on the freeways, and State Troopers in North Yankton (Disclaimer, to actually see the cops spawning in North Yankton, you need the mod that allows you to travel there. )

    UPDATE 1.6 - Now includes new hat textures for S_M_Y_COP, to match S_F_Y_COP.

    UPDATE 1.5 - Includes The Sixth Star Version 1.2 (Adds the Police Riot and makes a few changes with FIB spawning.)

    UPDATE 1.4 - Now includes a non-sticker texture from the nightstick and a non-clipping police.ytd

    UPDATE 1.3 - Modified PoliceB (Police Bike) to have a proper SAHP livery.

    UPDATE 1.2 - Further improvements to S_M_Y_HWAYCOP, now has a higher quality badge on uniform and helmet.

    UPDATE 1.1 - Adjusted some readmes and added new LED support for sheriff and police4
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