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Special thanks to Kaai210 for the "blueprints" for facial damage via heavy hand to hand weapons.
Special thanks to Jedijosh920 for helping out with the blood spill mechanics!

The gore in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty weak even by Rockstar Games standards. The gore could of been toned down due to the limitations of the last gen consoles or because using extreme gore could of lead to pissed off parents. I, like many people didn't like how the gore looked low res or boring so I decided to make a new mod that improves the gunshot wounds, cuts, splatter, and blood soak.

You will need OpenIV to install this mod:

Installation paths are in the install folder.

Version 1.0 notes:
Smaller wounds on the torso, legs, and arms.
Splatter on Wounds are a bit bigger.
Soakage on wounds are larger.
Stab wounds are much larger and they
soak skin.
Shotgun wounds are spread out.
Explosions that are very close to the player will give the player realistic looking
cuts and broken skin.
Headshots will have bigger wounds.

Version 1.1 notes:
Wound color now has a tiny bit of lightened red.
Blood soak is a tiny bit bigger.

Version 1.2 notes:
Bloodfx.dat file added, file taken from the X360 edition.
Punching/meleeing people can wound marks on peds.
Less reflection to gunshot wounds.
Blood soak varies a lot more.
Blood can sometimes take a long time to soak the injured ped.
Blood color is darkened a little bit, not too noticeable.
More features added.

Version 1.2.1 notes:
Files now have their own folders and installation.txt files in the rar file.
More blood is splattered when you shoot someone anywhere, head shots with a rifle sniper can leave huge splatters of blood.

Version 1.3 notes:
Added new file called peddamagedecals.fxd
New textures for wounds and cuts.
New textures for soak.
Better soak color.
Better blood effects.
More features added.

Version 1.4 notes:
More splatter added to wounds.
Darker blood soak color.
Blood effects improved on even more.
Bigger headshot wounds.
Wounds have more varying sizes.
Only baseball bat attacks cause blood wounds. Punching people doesn't leave blood anymore.
Cut wounds are up and working again.
Blood soak is a bit bigger.
Older versions folder added so people can use olders versions of the mod.

Version 1.5 notes:
Thanks to kaai210, hitting people with a bat will cause bruises.
New file damages.meta.
Added compatibility pack for Blood and Decals diversity.
Wounds are made a tiny bit bigger.
Hitting people with baseball bat no longer causes blood wounds.
Bigger blood splatter textures.
Blood soak texture made darker.
New folder for bright red blood soak.
New folder for bright red blood soak and smaller wounds.
New folder for dark red blood soak and smaller wounds.
More features added.

Version 1.6 notes:
More blood textures have been modified, including a jump in resolution too.
New file added Fxdecal.ytd.
New file also added Decals.dat
Distance of wounds have been greatly improved so now when you snipe someone, you can see the wound from a distance.
Blood pools have been modified, way better looking than the original textures.
Blood splatter and mist textures have been improved a lot more, including a jump in resolution.
Damages.dat file fixed. For the damages.dat file for the naturalmotion rdr/mp3 mod, go into the optional features folder.
Darker blood soak for better realism, remember blood doesn't look like ketchup!
Bruise textures have been bumped up to 4096x1024.
Small bug fixes.
Even more features added.

Version 1.7 notes:
Distance of wounds are increased.
Improved blood pools.
Improved blood splatter, more realistic.
Blood splattered on car window texture improved.
Bullet holes are improved.
Bigger blood splatter texture.
Smaller wounds.
Small fixes.
More features added.

Version 1.8 notes:
New texture for blood wound splatter.
New texture for wound, now it looks like an actual bullet hole.
Blood splatter textures have been adjusted to look less shitty.
Cuts have been improved.
Bigger blood leaking.
Smaller wounds.
Smaller gunshot splatter on pistols, smgs, and rifles.
Bigger gunshot splatter for shotguns.
Sniper exit wounds are much larger and more nasty looking.
Headshot gore has been adjusted.
Small bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 1.8.1 notes:
Easier installation path.
Installation paths are now linked to the Grand Theft Auto V folder.

Version 1.9 notes:
Wounds bump texture lessened for better looking wounds.
Blood soak color darkened.
More blood splatter around shotgun wounds. (See for yourself)
Shooting pedestrians with any gun while they are standing and alive will now cause them to bleed downwards. (See for yourself)
Hospital wounds are a little bit more noticeable.
Burnt ped textures are bigger and made a lot more noticeable to give the look of actual burnt clothes and skin.
Blood splatter textures changed once again back to the orginal blood splatter but improved and higher resolution.
Blood pools changed and given more variety.
Blood squirt has been changed partially.
Compatibility for blood and decals variety and older version folders have been removed for now.
Bug fixes.
More features have been added or adjusted.

Version 1.9.1 notes:
Test files for bloodfx and decals.dat were uploaded in 1.9, I removed them and replaced them with the rightful files.
Another folder has been removed.

Version 2.0 notes:
Blood has been downgraded to 2k for better compatibility and frame rate.
Soak color made bright red just a tiny bit.
Distance of wounds has been increased for better experience.
More wounds on Player and Pedestrians.
Splatter has been once again tinkered with.
Decals.dat file look at again to solve random big ugly blood splatter textures that occur on walls.
Blood splatter has been changed for a more Red Dead Redemption esque blood splatter.
Exit wounds have been made bloodier for a more realistic feel.
Blood color has been might a bit more bright red.
Bloodfx file has been tinker with a tiny bit.
More texture variety with blood splatter.
Bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 2.0.1 notes:
More folders added so that when installing the mod, original game leftovers are not there.

Version 2.1 notes:
Blood textures updated, back up to 4k and newly improved.
Blood splatter textures finally have bump maps.
Blood pools have bump maps too.
Basic wounds are a little smaller.
Blood textures made bigger through decals.dat
Blood squirt effect for entry wound has been changed to knife slash.
Wood pistol hit textures changed, made more realistic.
Grass pistol hit textures changed, made more realistic.
Other environmental pistol hit textures changed.
Window pistol hit texture replaced with GTAIV textures, except higher res.
Bump maps on all textures increased, added, or improved.
Bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 2.2 notes:
Blood splatter updated again lol, all textures are 4k instead of some 2k and some 4k.
Blood pools updated, no more grass cut out ones, looking better.
Snow is compatible with blood textures now like original gtav!
Bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 2.3 notes:
Code completely redone with nextgen/pc peddamage file.
Hitting someone with hammer in the head will cause actual damage and no bullet wounds.
Knife scars activate even with animations.
Blood soak texture changed to more less glitchy one.
Blood soak comes out faster now, fix will come out soon for that.
Blood splatter on peds redone.
Shotgun splatter wounds redone.
Bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 2.3.1 notes:
Added OIV for easy install.
Removed actions folder (not needed anymore).

Version 2.4 notes:
Textures for wound splatter has been editor for a more gruesome/realistic look.
More blood splatter textures added for more variety.
Blood splurt in the exit wound edited to have a more partically look.
Head wounds when hitting peds in the head have been fixed to be how it was back in 2.1 (gory and addictive).
Shotgun wounds have a little bit more splatter but not too noticeable.
Actions folder in manual install removed.
Test file for blood pooling from headshot added but may not be in final product.
Bug fixes.
More features and settings adjusted.

Version 2.4.1 notes:
Added random times when the blood would spill in test files.
Black blood splatter has unknown fix so keep looking for that!
More features and settings adjusted.

Version 2.5 notes:
Wound splatter textures have more variety.
Headshot wounds are now a different entity to resemble real life wounds.
New blood effects added.
Blood splatter replaces generic wound texture for head punches.
Shotguns have slightly bigger splatter radius.
Blood soaking starts when ped is shot and not just when killed.
Bump mapping made slightly less rough in some cases.
New blood pools added for better consistency.
Some blood splatters fixed.

Version 2.6 notes:
Wounds have different textures depending on gun, pistols/shotguns/snipers.
Splatter is different depending on size.
Exit wound variated, slightly bigger and messier.
Headshots are different depending on gun, messier with higher end.
Blood spill included in all headshots behind head only, thigh shots, and sniper shot.
New ptfx added for different guns.
Many more textures added to fxdecal and peddamagedecals.
Some lower resolution textures upscaled to better or near others.
Shots to the legs with the shotgun are a giant hole wound.
Blood pools changed to be simpler and easier for the blood spill.
Blood spill circumfrence lowered for more realistic tone.
Blood pools from spill fixed to be a red tone instead of straight black.
Blood splatter made to happen closer and not glitch farther.

Version 2.7 notes:
Way more blood pool variety.
Some overly sharp blood pools slightly blurred for better effect.
Blood spill removed (too many bugs).
Blood pools should be a nice dark red color again.
Blood spray on the windowshield is changed and improved.
New blood spray effect replacing buggy blood spill effect for now.

Version 2.7.1 notes:
Blood Pool variety increased.
Blood spill re-added as optional feature (beware of bugs).
Blood wounds made slightly redder, less dark in color.

Version 2.8 notes:
Blood Pools back up to standard, no longer shite.
Blood spill now named BETA FEATURE due to current problem with occasional very red blood pool.
Tire marks made higher resolutions.
Tire mark issues fixed.
Oil/petrol spill problems fixed.
Additional textures from last few updates added to the fxdecal.ytd file.
Blood splatter on body from other person getting shot in front has been toned down slightly, overdone last time.
Stab wounds made back to normal size from 2.6/2.7.
Any textures made overly big are now a bit downgraded in resolution (stuffs in peddamagedecals, not noticeable).
New blood effects in this one, entry wounds are way less overly bloody on pistol shots.
More smaller features adjusted.

Version 2.8.1 notes:
Fixed mistake in main version. Accidentally added blood spill main package.

Version 2.8.2 notes:
Liquidfx.dat from spilling also added to main mod by mistake, fixed in this update.

Version 3.0 notes:
Brand new blood splatter textures.
Blood splatter correlates to where a person is shot, not randomized. Regular smaller splatter on places except for head, while
clumpy blood for headshot.
Knifes now leave a line of blood or small splatter depending on how character kills person.
No longer a generic splatter, peds get small wounds on head if hit.
Small splatter sometimes when ped hit with hammer or blunt object.
Hammer hits lead to another wound type (Varies in size), while other blunt objects have a different wound.
If shot with sniper, sometimes a line of blood will splatter out.
New textures for other materials such as glass, metal, etc.
Some texture sizes on materials reduced to save space (they look basically the same as before).
Gunshot wounds are more organized on entry while exit wounds are more messy and less circular.
6 individual blood pools all of which different shapes and sizes (for regular version, not beta blood spill feature version).
Blood spill beta mechanic changed slightly, only 2 blood pools used (as opposed to 6 without).
Blood spill beta mechanics spill texture has been made skinner to look like actual blood instead of oil leak.
Smaller features adjusted or changed to apply more robust experience.

Version 3.0.1 notes:
Added uninstaller oiv which uninstall EVERYTHING from the mod (inc. beta mod spilling).

Recommended to install these mods.

For better physics:

For Red Dead Redemption style head wounds:
GoreV 1.2
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