GTA Online Missions [Mission Maker] 1.0

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Missions from GTA Online, re-created in Mission Maker.

In the latest update:
In the latest update I have included a script that will activate the original online cutscenes when playing the heist missions. (I plan to make cutscenes available for all missions eventually.) There are some issues though...

The issues with cutscenes in 1.0
*The multiplayer ped models are all default - I'm currently trying to find out how I can change them to match ones in the missions.

*The interior sometimes doesn't load correctly and might need refreshing.
(You can do this by pressing F11)

If you would prefer to wait until the script is more stable you can still play all of the missions in 0.9 without cutscenes.

Mission Maker:

Open All Interiors (Required for the Make Ends Meet mission) :

Multiplayer maps enabled - You can enable this from most trainers or by pressing F11 in the latest update.

To install, you will need to download and install mission maker and Open All Interiors, along with any of their requirements.

Links for the required mods can be found above.

(Don't forget to install the requirements for both mods, it's in their descriptions)

Once the required mods have been installed, download my mission pack and extract the contents of scripts to your games scripts folder located at Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/.

While in game, press the hotkey to open up mission maker. (F10 by default or by holding RB + Right on your controller in the latest update.)

Select play mission and choose one of the missions.

As of update 1.0, there are now the following 73 missions available:
(Lot's more on the way soon.)

Gerald's Last Play Missions:
Make Ends Meet
Go Figure
Deal With It
End Product

Gerald's Missions:
Learning The Ropes
Pier Pressure
Death Metal
Deal Breaker
Flood In The LS River
Meth'd Up
No Hay Bronca
Hit 'Em Up
Gassed Up
Violent Duct
Hard Labor
War And Pieces
Chumash And Grab
Dish The Dirt

Lamar's Missions:
Ballas To The Wall
Caught Napping
Going Down The GOH
Mall Or Nothing
No Smoking

Lamar's Lowrider Missions:
Community Outreach
Slow And Low
It's A G Thing
Funeral Party
Lowrider Envy
Point And Shoot
Desperate Times Call For...
Peace Offerings

Simeon's Repo Missions:
Where Credit's Due
Rockford Roll
Gentry Does It
All In The Game
El Burro Heists
Blow Up
Chasers II
Blow Up II
Blow Up III
It Takes A Thief
Rich Men In Richman
RV Nearly There
Under The Hammer
GTA Today II

The Fleeca Job - Setup #1 - Scope Out
The Fleeca Job - Setup #2 - Kuruma
The Fleeca Job - Finale
The Prison Break - Setup #1 - Plane
The Prison Break - Setup #2 - Bus
The Prison Break - Setup #3 - Casco
The Prison Break - Setup #4 - Station
The Prison Break - Setup #5 - Wet Work
The Prison Break - Finale
Pacific Standard - Setup #1 - Vans
Pacific Standard - Setup #2 - Signal
Pacific Standard - Setup #3 - Hack
Pacific Standard - Setup #4 - Convoy
Pacific Standard - Setup #5 - Bikes
Pacific Standard - Finale
Series A Funding - #1 Series A Coke

Trevor's Missions:
Chop Chop
Crystal Clear
Lost My Mind
Method In The Madness
Out Of Harmony
Satellite Communications
Chopper Trail
Diamonds Are For Trevor

While I have made all of the missions as close as possible to the online missions, there will still be some minor differences due to the limitations of Mission Maker.

When searching for the figurines in the mission Go Figure from Gerald, look for bong statues and not figurines because you can't spawn figurines with Mission Maker. (They are still all in the exact same location as online)
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