Dynamic Patrols (Compatible with IVPack) 1.0.0


Dynamic Patrols allows various law enforcement, military, and DLC vehicles to spawn naturally and dynamically in their respective areas while playing GTAV SP

Law enforcement/military vehicles that spawn:
  • The sheriff stanier (sheriff1) spawns as an off-highway vehicle in Blaine County
  • The unmarked stanier (police4) on the side of highways and in the airport
  • The mounted insurgent (insurgent), unarmed insurgent (insurgent2), nightshark (nightshark), and the halftrack (halftrack) drives around the military base and spawns parked
  • The valkyrie (valkyrie), avenger (avenger), hunter (hunter), unarmed buzzard (buzzard), and savage (savage) now fly around the military base alongside the vanilla cargobob (cargobob4)
  • The Jetsam cargobob (cargobob2) now flies along the Del Perro beach coastline along with the vanilla yellow frogger (frogger)
  • Removed the buzzard (buzzard) from spawning in the city as a police helicopter (this seemed unrealistic to me)
  • The hydra (hydra) now spawns in the military base along with the lazer (lazer)
  • The bombushka bomber plane (bombushka) and the private military jet (miljet) now spawn alongside the titan (titan) in the military base.
  • The lifeguard granger (lguard) now drives on the beach along side the vanilla lifeguard atv (blazer2)

In addition to spawning police vehicles, this mod allows various DLC vehicles to spawn in their respective areas on the road and in the sky.

In order for DLC vehicles to spawn properly, you must install:

One of my favourite things about this: it's compatible with @_CP_'s IVPack! (Install IVPack before you install this!)

What's that? You don't want to use this mod because the cop cars start unrealistic police pursuits too often? Well here's a solution!!!
A.I Police Pursuits Disabler by @Cass

Important things:
  • Any suggestions to make this modification better is greatly appreciated. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!
  • I cannot control the spawn frequency
  • If you wish to reduce the rapid law enforcement spawns, install IVPack and turn your variety all the way up and density all the way down.
  • Please do not upload anywhere else without express permission

Thanks to my beta testers:


Version 1.0.0 (Current)
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