Chain Reaction Explosion + Fires 1.5

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For your inner pyromaniacs, I've set up the explosionfx.dat, firefx.dat and explosion.ymt such that:

1) RPG and vehicle explosions have more force + larger blast radius, and
2) These explosions emit fire that lasts very long and spreads out like wildfire. Instead of having wimpy default flames which fizzle out, you'll soon find yourself in the midst of a dramatic news report (just feed it fuel like vehicles and people).

v1.5: Oops - discovered that the reduced fuel level made it LESS fun. Have you noticed that the fire was sorta weak? This version fixes it. Also fixed a bug with the RPG where the explosion radius was much smaller than intended. [Making changes to this is a sort of trial-and-error affair, since I can only guess how the heck each column affects stuff.]

v1.4: Reduced fuel level so fires will spread faster and look more chaotic, less 'clumped'. Also greatly reduced damage of explosions; this works three-fold:
• Say if you have a chain of vehicles in a line, blowing one car up won't result in a sudden cascade of exploding vehicles anymore. Instead, nearby vehicles will get heavily deformed and be set on fire, so the "chain reaction" happens with a satisfying buildup.
• You don't get instagibbed from standing nearby. You get thrown around by the force.
• Car chases are much better. That tanker chase scene in Terminator 2 didn't have the truck blow up when the Terminator launched a grenade at its engine, so why have that happen here?

v1.3: Added an .OIV installer. Curbed the force and radius of explosions to aid the chain reaction process (otherwise things would fly too far from one another). Also included an optional mod of mine, Violence Redefined which changes combatbehaviour.meta and realtionships.dat to what I use.

v1.2: I redid the changes to explosionfx and firefx from scratch - did not like the homogenized way that fire would spread. Also, I put in my modified explosion.ymt file, so the result is explosions carry force and radius in their wake (instead of leaving you with the default explosion damages/forces).

Credit to IIvELITEzX for his Epic Explosions XX - I've used his optional BIGGER explosions mod file as a base for mine, and also I fixed the indentation so the file should be easier to read.
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