Improved Cover Animations for Player 1.3


For a long time, I have always wanted the cool ai cover animations to play for the player. I just hate the player's sprint into cover as it doesn't look very good during combat. Plus, the speed is just not human like and makes the character feel like a terminator. Now after hours of editing meta files in GTA 5, I was actually able to make this dream come true! The 5-mods page always had people making cover animations, only they never worked, and the project was given up entirely. Originally, I was going to post this mod to my Patreon page, only I know how long this GTA-5mod community has been waiting, same as myself. I just think it will be a good gift for you all to enjoy and feel free to check out some of our other mods!

-----------------------------------What this mod does------------------------------------------------------------
With my overhaul of the cover animations in GTA 5. You will now be able to strafe into cover using ai animations when using a 1-handed or 2-handed gun and now even unarmed! You will now also be able to use the AI's cover intro and outro anims when firing from behind cover. Swat cover animations are now a thing! So, if you wish to take cover more professionally, you now have that option!

--------------------------------Features of this mod--------------------------------------------------------------

- AI strafe animations for player instead of sprint to cover
- Swat cover animations (optional for police peds, or anyone of your choosing)
- AI base idles instead of default player idles in cover
- AI intro's & outro with guns when shooting in and out of cover!
- Beta test for the optional strafe I am trying to work around. (Feel free to edit this mod and try to figure it out, just know it takes a bit of knowledge in math)!

------------------------------Known Issues/Bugs-----------------------------------------------------------------

Where this is a work in progress mod, there are some known issues that could potentially be fixed with further editing in the future updates.

- Long distance into cover doesn't always reach destination for the swat low cover (Animation is too fast, but I have gotten it to play better. Just go to cover at a closer distance for the swat)

- Unarmed sprint strafe uses the 1-handed base strafe the AI has, as it's the only working possibility at the moment for all the covers to play for the player's new navigation system.

- Pistol idles never have worked in the vanilla GTA game for player.
(Rockstar never assigned for the player to have 1-handed gun idles, so I am currently trying to find a way to assign it myself)

------------------------------------------Swat Cover Activation--------------------------------------------------
To activate the cover animations for the player to use the swat variation. Simply list the animation first in whatever personality you choose to add it to in the pedpersonality.ymt. (Add this to an item: swat). Whatever ped model you have listed in the peds.ymt using for example personality: police. Only police peds or peds with this personality can play them unless listed in other ones as well. Whatever you choose as the option is yours.

If you have other mods installed, then please check those and make sure the pedpersonality.ymt isn't already edited before installing this mod. Same goes with the weaponanimations.meta this mod replaces. I also edited a clipsets.ymt file, just be sure to check if that will cause issues for other mods you have. If you have other mods installed using weaponanimations, then simply list this for 1-handed weapons & 2-handed weapons cover if you want the swat stuff:
1-handed: cover@move@ai@swat@1h@aim
2-handed: cover@move@ai@swat@2h@aim

I did fix my OIV installer in this update, so enjoy this for easier installation! Just BE CAREFUL in using OIVs. They will break other mods you have if you have ones using the same files.

I hope you all enjoy this mod and feel free to give feedback regarding the mod as it always helps us to make these awesome animations a possibility and prepare for future updates!

Feel free to make your own videos on this new mod addition or others and give feedback regarding it. You can link them in our mod showcase text channel on our discord or if your new you can join the community and follow our progress! Or feel free to post the video link in this mods page comment section.

Installation instructions included in the download archive for manual installation!
OIV Uninstall & Install Included for a faster process!


Discord Community:

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Change Log:
Version 1.3:
- Sped up/smoother transition to cover with swat animations working appropriately. (Makes destination 99% of the time and is a lot quicker!)

- Intro/outro anims have been edited for better and faster combat while in cover. (More realistic when dodging bullets.)

- All idles such as peeking/pinned and ai cover idles have been added to the players 2-handed weapon cover. (Unarmed now has all possible idles from the ai's to the players via 1handed idles & peeks)

- Removed the base pistol idles giving it the original base poses for your gameplay. (I felt it was a necessary change to keep the original)

- Working directional cover animations! (Point left or right and you will have a better transition into cover than before)!

- Base cover works better as you get to the point of cover through a better navigation system! (Similar to AI's with a good blend in and out)!

- OIV Package installer for easier download and installation. (Be careful when using this if you have other mods installed)!

- OIV package uninstaller for a quick uninstall. (Be careful when using this if you have other mods installed)!

- Version 1.2:
-Sped up/smoother transition to cover with swat animations working appropriately.
(Makes destination 99 percent of the time now and is a lot quicker!)
- OIV Installer for easier installation.
-Intro/outro animations have been edited for better and faster combat while in cover.
(More realistic when dodging bullets.)
-All idles such as peeking/pinned and ai cover idles have been added to the players 2-
handed weapon cover. (Unarmed now has all possible idles from ai-player's)
-Pistol or 1-handed weapons now have a default idle for the player which gives you more
movement instead of idling in place. (Still no pistol idles since I have not yet found a
workaround for Rockstar's mistake.)
-New replace for combat roll which gives the player almost all gang gestures for the pistol
or cop gestures depending on which you choose to use, I also added in a swat 2-handed
gesture option. (These replaces give the player more commanding presence when being
helped by ai followers!)
-Added a base cover BETA which fixes unarmed strafe but breaks the player AI cover
animations facing movement and swat low cover completely. (This is added as an
optional file for those who wish to see what I am trying to work around for getting
unarmed strafe to work)

- Version 1.1:
- Added swat cover animations as optional for player and swat AI
- Added cover to all weapons. (Unarmed still doesn't work)
- Idle animation changes with included pinned down state
- Updated intro & outro variations to include ai react outros

- Version 1.0: initial release
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