Sandy Shores Shallow Lake [Menyoo] 1.0


A freak storm has blown into Sandy Shores depositing a large amount of sand, stirring up the bottom of the lake and lowering the water levels. This makes the perfect playground for your favorite off road vehicles! Especially if you have my surface traction mod installed that reduces grip off road! There are a few minor easter eggs to be found but its mostly just junk vehicles. Bonus area at the dam is also included!
I tried to keep this as detailed as possible but making each piece of terrain line up exactly wasn't possible so on shallower settings you will occasionally notice a line here and there where the ground is put together.

Important! you NEED this mod for no waves in clear weather otherwise the water will be too rough to drive through.

LakeDry.xml has no water at all, this wasn't my original plan so you will notice some visual terrain bugs but it's still fun to play with.
Lake.xml is the lowest water level at just a few inches deep. This is fun for almost all cars and bikes with no risk of drowning your motor unless you hit a deep spot.
LakeDeep.xml is the same but roughly a couple feet deep, this is ideal for most off road vehicles but a bit too much for most buggies, cars and bikes.
LakeDeep2.xml is even deeper and is ideal for most medium to large off road vehicles like the Sandking.
LakeDeep3.xml is the deepest and is good for oversized vanilla vehicles or most modded lifted trucks.

LakeDeepEnd.xml is the same map but slanted to have a deep end and a shallow end just like a pool.
LakeDeepEnd2.xml is the same but deeper.

Dam.xml adds a shallow bottom like this at the dam location.
Dam2.xml is the same but deeper.
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