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TayMcKenzieNZ's Pool Tables

This pack of pool tables contains 5 models consisting of embedded textures and seperate logo textures, making it easy to customise to your own desires. Want your own MC club logo or gang patch to be proudly displayed? Now it is possible with this pack!

Thanks to texture guru BzZz for the assistance!



I highly recommend using Texture Toolkit and using a DDS Plugin For Photoshop to edit the textures.

The textures need to be saved as DXT5, have mipmaps and have Transparency.

I have placed the "YOUR LOGO" texture directly where the balls would be placed, however your logo can be placed anywhere within the guidelines, of which I have provided in the "photoshop_template" file. Keep your logo within the lines for it to appear without any clipping issues into other textures.





Installation for Single Player:

In order for your props to show up in the game,
you need to have a "mods" folder created in OpenIV
and a custom_maps dlc created in it.
see Meth0d & Quechus13's AddonProps

All YDR, YTD and YTYP files must be moved there.
The game will load these props and then display them.
Props will also now appear in Codewalker.

You can use any spawner that suits you to spawn props.
(For example: Codewalker, Menyoo...)

See spawn names above


Installation for FiveM:

1) Insert folder "helipads" inside of the "FiveM" folder to resources folder
2) Add to server.cfg
3) Restart server

If you stream props in another resource, you must edit the fxmanifest. Check mine to see how it is formatted.

Then the server must be restarted.
YTYP loads properties of props.
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