Paleto Paradise Festival v1.3 PARTS 1&2 (YMAP) 1.3


Come and experience the fun and magic of the 1st EVER 'transformational' festival to hit the beaches and hills of San Andreas.
Nothing like this has ever been built in GTA so I am 100% confident you will thoroughly enjoy exploring and using this map extention that makes extremely good use of otherwise unused land.

So after weeks of building and creating I am pleased to annouce the upload of 'Paleto Psychedelic Music Festival' v1.3

This is a huge music festival based in the parklands in Paleto Bay. Currently with 1 main stage arena and several chillout zones, gardens, camping, camp fires, flea markets, food plaza, works zone, back stage areas, many trees and decorations everywhere, bars, cafes, sanitation, 220+ peds (More to be added later when i update the map and provide a separate XML specifically for peds and another for cars)

There is also an area considered 'The Owners' camp site which you will find right behind the 'Works Area', on the hill.

This map is inspired by REAL LIFE festivals such as Boom Festival in Portugal or Buring Man in Nevada, USA.

These are known as 'transformational festivals' and much can be found about them on youtube.

(I have included some links to documentaries regarding transformational festivals below)

Do not copy or reupload this map.

If you want to collaborate on a map project please inbox me. I am quite keen to have some of you build and host your own stages at the festival which can be run through FIVEM at a later date.


GTA V - Original or Steam
Map Editor 2.13 -
Map Builder 4+ -
The lastest ScripthookV -
The latest DLC 'After hours'

This map uses objects only found in the AfterHours DLC. If you do not have that installed, the map will not load properly and you wont be able to experience it to its fullest.


Vehicle Persistence v1.2
WeedV v4.20a1 -
Manual Transmission v4.6.3 -
Custom Camera V v1.4 -
Custom Peds v3.2 -
TrainerV v8.4 -



Patreon supporters will get 'Preview' access to Part 2 before it goes public.


Boom Festival, Portugal
Burning Man, USA

TRANSFORMATIONAL FESTIVAL DOCUMENTARIES: - Boom Festival - General Documentary on many other festivals


Part 1 Changes:
1. Better use of props
2. Removed all peds for YMAP
3. Replaced the old main dance arena with a tropical beach bar and grill.
4. Tropical gardens and lighting everywhere
5. general all round improvements.

Part 2:

1. New works and production office area
2. New 'staff' canteen
3. New Triage 1st Aid
3. New Security Office
4. Total perimeter fencing
5. Awesome new beach dance arena and backstage area
6. New Pyramid stage
7. New garden chillout zone
8. New Visionary Art Gallery (May be an issue with the wall sections from Map Builder not loading)
9. New 'semi' indoor/outdoor 'nightclub' type dance floor and structure
10. Loads more camping zones
11. Organizers VIP Cabin on the hill
12. Working ATM's
13. Working Drinks dispensers

Peds file
Cars file
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